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Man: Hey watch this.

Man 2: What?

Man: Here kitty kitty kitty,

Man 2: You better leave that thing alone.

Man: Nothing's gonna happen [scream and laugh] Gotcha.

Man 2: Yeah. That's a pretty good one.

Man: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

[Suddenly the crate breaks and the Wilde Yak escapes.]

Man: Uh oh.

Man 2: I told you to leave it alone.

[A woman screams, then we cut to the academy.]

Gromble: No! No, you call that a scary pose?

Ickis: I think so.


Ickis: I'm sorry.

Gromble: Go dry up. Now watch and learn. I am awesome, I am hideous, I am feared.

Mama Gromble: You are adorable.

Gromble: [gasp] Who said that?

Mama: Who do you think, handsome? It's somebody who misses you.

Gromble: You love me? Mommy.

Ickis: Mommy? [they laugh]

Gromble: QUIET! Now then mother...

Mama: You don't look well son.

[All the students laugh.]

Gromble: That's right! My mother is here! And she brought me my favorite dish! Does anybody find that amusing!?

Mama: Isn't he scary? And to think he always wanted to be a dancer!

Gromble: Mother please. I'm trying to teach.

Mama: I'm sorry Sonny. I'll sit here. You won't even know I'm in the room.

Gromble: Now then...

Mama: Aren't you cute? You remind my of my grombie when he was a baby.

Gromble: Mother, no.

[And so]


Gromble: Mother please.

Mama: And look at this place. It's dirty!

Gromble: I know, Mother.


Gromble: Mother, Please. I am a grown up now.

Mama: Well, if you don't want me here I'll go home.

Gromble: No. You can stay.

Ickis: Forgive me your grombleness, but I'm sorry for my bad pose toady. So I worked on it.

Gromble: Ickis, that's wonderful.

Ickis: It is?

Gromble: Come in. Mother, this is Ickis, one of my best students.

Ickis: I am?

Gromble: And he's volunteered to show you the campus while I teach my classes today.

Ickis: I did?



Mama: Well, If you think so.


Ickis: Oh yes yes! [laughing]

Oblina: It would be a disaster.

Krumm: We don't wanna...

Ickis: Oh please oh please oh please. She's not that bad.

Oblina: Bad? She's awful.

Krumm: Yeah.

Mama: There. This room just needed a mother's touch.

Ickis: Oh please I'm begging you.

Oblina and Krumm: Very well. Alright.

Ickis: Oh Thank you.

Mama: The dump?

Ickis: I don't think the Gromble...

Mama: He wants me to have fun and I haven't scared anyone in years.

Oblina: A walk in the dump eh?

Men: Here Wilde Yak. Come on...Where are you?

Mama: Here we are. Made it without a scratch. Ickis. Mama's a little stuck could you help me out? That was too fun.

Ickis: Maybe we should head back home.

Mama: No way, buggie. We're gonna have more fun. Follow me!

Ickis: Isn't this a little dangerous?

Mama: I can take care of it myself.

Oblina: It brood daylight?

Krumm: And In a crowd?

Mama: Get a load of this. Hello boys. Here they come watch this. Ha I still got the touch.


Mama: You want to play? That's the spirit! I'm king of the mountain. Wasn't that fun?

Oblina: For really.

Mama: I feel like a kid again.

Ickis: Mama Gromble!!

Man: We found it.

Man 2: We found the Wilde Yak.

Ickis: This doesn't look good,

Both: We found the Wilde Yak! We found the Wilde Yak!

Man: I can't believe it.

Krumm: Gotta to something

Oblina: We have to tell the Gromble.

Ickis: Be my guest..

Oblina: Well, Do you have a better idea?

Ickis: Panic and wait pestcly. That always work for me.

Krumm: Okay here's what we will do.

Oblina: Krumm. That was brilliant.

Krumm: I'm good for one of those.

Mama: Oh boy. I really done it now.

Man 2: I told you we found the Wilde Yak. I'm a genius.

Mama: You are a mush head.

Man: Hey watch that.

Man 2:

Man: Then you called me a mushhead?

Mama: I did.


Man 2:


Mama: Captured by Mushheads, wait until my Gromby finds out.

Gromble: What?!

Oblina: I know, I know it looks bad.

Gromble: Bad? This is catastrophe! Oh, curse me! I wanted her out of my hair, but not like this!

[The Gromble starts sobbing]

Gromble: It's all my fault!

Oblina: So then, we won't get punished.

Gromble: Are you kidding? Of course, you will.

Oblina: Oh..

[Meanwhile at the zoo]

Krumm: Here we are. What do we do?

Ickis: Look for her I guess.

Krumm: Look where?

Ickis: I don't know. Everywhere is not like there's a sign or anything.

[Lion Roared]

Ickis: I'll take that as a No. Nice pose very scary. No luck Krumm... Krumm?

Krumm: Over here look.

Ickis: Did you find her? You found her!

Krumm: I don't like to brag but..

Ickis: Mama Gromble? It's Ickis and Krumm.

Krumm: I guess she's asleep.

Ickis: Mama Gromble?

[It's revealed as a Gorilla.]

Krumm: That's not her.

Ickis: Now you tell me.

[both run away]

Gromble: Oh stop it!

Ickis: We're so sorry!

Gromble: I'll deal with you later. We got to find my mother.

Oblina: Over here!

Mama: Grombie.

Gromble: Don't worry mommy. That's enough. Let's get her out.

Ickis: I'll do it! I'll chew the bars off with my bare fangs.

Gromble: You could do that.

Man: Okay, Yaky baby. It's feeding time.

Gromble: Watch and learn.





Men: Snarl grr. I'm the Wilde Yak.


Man 2: I told you it wouldn't work.

Mama: Thank you for coming.

Gromble: I'm sorry mama.

Mama: It's okay. I had fun.

Gromble: Maybe, next time.

Mama: Alright I'll take it easy.

Gromble: Mother.

Mama: Alright. I forget you're all grown up now.

Gromble: Goodnight.

Mama: Bite the bedbugs.

Gromble: Mother.

Mama: Yes?

Gromble: Would you bring me Mr. Sluggy Buggy?