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— This is a transcribed copy of Mother, May I?. —
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Man: Hey, watch this.

Man 2: What?

Man: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Man 2: You better leave that thing alone.

Man: Nothing's gonna happen [scream and laugh] Gotcha.

Man 2: Yeah. That's a pretty good one.

Man: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

[Suddenly the crate breaks and the Wilde Yak escapes.]

Man: Uh oh.

Man 2: I told you to leave it alone.

[A woman screams, then we cut to the academy.]

Gromble: No! No, you call that a scary pose?

Ickis: I think so.

Gromble: Of all the puny, Pitiful poses You have Perpetrated That one is the mos Profoundly pathetic!

Ickis: I'm sorry.

Gromble: Go dry up. Now watch and learn. I am awesome, I am hideous, I am feared.

Mama Gromble: You are adorable.

Gromble: [gasp] Who said that?

Mama: Who do you think, handsome? It's somebody who misses you, who love you. Who loves you? Grombie boom-boom? Who loves you?

Gromble: You love me? Mommy.

Ickis: Mommy? [they laugh]

Gromble: QUIET! Now then, mother...

Mama: You don't look well, son. Mama brought you Something to cheer you up. Look, It's your favorite-- Refried larvae in motor oil. They're still wiggling.

[All the students laugh.]

Gromble: That's right! My mother is here! And she brought me my favorite dish! Does anybody find that amusing!?

Mama: Isn't he scary? And to think, he always wanted to be a dancer!

Gromble: Mother, please. I'm trying to teach.

Mama: I'm sorry, Sonny. I'll sit here. You won't even know I'm in the room.

[Gromble clear his throat]

Gromble: Now then...

Mama: Aren't you cute? You remind me of my Grombie when he was a baby. I got some pictures right here.

[Mama Gromble have pics of baby Gromble]

Gromble: Mother, no.

[And so...]

Mama: Gromble, chew with your mouth open!

Gromble: Mother, please.

Mama: And look at this place. It's dirty!

Gromble: I know, Mother.

Mama: It should be disgusting. Why were you born on the hospital and where are your manners? Put your feet on the table this instant!

Gromble: Mother, please. I am a grown up now. I don't need you around my life.

Mama: Well, if you don't want me here, I'll go home. It's only 17 miles to the sore. I'll hold my breath.

Gromble: No. You can stay.

[Mama Gromble goes around here]

Gromble: Until I die passes, I just want you out of my hair!

[Door knocks]

Gromble: WHAT?!

Ickis: Forgive me, Your Grombleness, but I'm sorry for my bad pose today. So I worked on the new one.

Gromble: Ickis, that's wonderful.

Ickis: It is?

Gromble: Come in. Mother, this is Ickis, one of my very best students.

Ickis: I am?

Gromble: And he's volunteered to show you the campus while I teach my classes today.

Ickis: I did?

Mama: But, Sonny, I couldn't assist you. I know a thing or two About scaring.

Gromble: Mother, I want you To have fun here. You'd find my classes so boring.

Mama: Well, if you think so.

Gromble: Oh, you'll have A wonderful, enjoyable safe time. WON'T SHE, ICKIS?!

Ickis: Oh yes, yes! [laughing] It'll be a pleasure.


Oblina: It would be a disaster.

Krumm: We don't wanna...

Ickis: Oh, please, oh please, oh please. She's not that bad.

Oblina: Bad? She's awful.

Krumm: Yeah.

Mama: There. This room just needed a mother's touch. Now get ready.

Ickis: Oh, please I'm begging you. Please.

Oblina and Krumm: Very well. Alright.

Ickis: Oh, thank you. It'll be the easiest thing. A walk in the dump.

Mama: The dump? Oh, no, bugies. We're going up to do scare.

Ickis: I don't think the Gromble wants...

Mama: He wants me to have fun and I haven't scared anyone in years. Kids mama's going to Show you a good time!

Oblina: A walk in the dump, eh?

Ickis: [squeaks]

Men: Here, Wilde Yak. Come on... Where are you?

Mama: Here we are. Made it without a scratch. Ickis. Mama's a little stuck, could you help me out? That was too fun.

Ickis: Maybe we should head back home.

Mama: No way, buggies. We're gonna have more fun! Follow me!

[at the construction]

Mama: I love to scare them.

Ickis: Isn't this a little dangerous?

Mama: I can take care of it myself.

Oblina: In brood daylight?

Krumm: And in a crowd?

Mama: Get a load of this. Oh, hello, boys. Here they come, watch this, watch this. Ha, I still got the touch.


Mama: You want to play? That's the spirit!

Ickis: Stop stop stop!

Mama: I'm king of the mountain. Wasn't that fun?

Oblina: For really.

Mama: I feel like a kid again! This has been The most perfect day.

[The cage caught Mama Gromble]

Ickis: Mama Gromble!!

Man: We found it.

Man 2: We found the Wilde Yak.

Ickis: This doesn't look good.

Both: We found the Wilde Yak! We found the Wilde Yak!

Man: I can't believe it.

Krumm: Gotta to something.

Oblina: We have to tell the Gromble.

Ickis: Be my guest...

Oblina: Well, do you have a better idea?

Ickis: Panic and wait pestcly. That always work for me.

Krumm: Okay, here's what we will do. Ickis and I will go to the zoo, find Mama to free her. Oblina, you tell the Gromble. Find mama and try to free her. Oblina, you tell The gromble. It won't be pleasan But it's The right thing to do. If anything happens To ickis and myself You and the gromble Will be able to assist us.

Oblina: Krumm. That was brilliant.

Krumm: I'm good for one of those every couple of years.

Mama: Oh boy. I really done it now.

Man 2: I told you we found the Wilde Yak. I'm a genius.

Mama: You are a mush head.

Man: Hey, watch that.

Man 2: I didn't say nothing.

Man: Then you called me a mushhead?

Mama: I did.

Man: So you admit it?

Man 2: I don't admit anything!

Man:You just said-

Mama: Captured by Mushheads, wait until my Grombie finds out. He won't take this lying down.

Gromble: WHAT?!

Oblina: I know, I know it looks bad.

Gromble: Bad? This is catastrophe! Oh, curse me! I wanted her out of my hair, but not like this!

[The Gromble starts sobbing]

Gromble: It's all my fault!

Oblina: So then, we won't get punished.

Gromble: Are you kidding? Of course, you will.

Oblina: Oh...

[Meanwhile at the zoo, Ickis and Krumm are on the search]

Krumm: Here we are. What do we do?

Ickis: Look for her, I guess.

Krumm: Look where?

Ickis: I don't know. Everywhere is not like there's a sign or anything. Uh, pardon me, Excuse me. Have you seen a monster About yay big?

[Lion Roared]

Ickis: I'll take that as a no. Nice pose though, very scary. No luck, Krumm... Krumm?

Krumm: Over here look.

Ickis: Did you find her? You found her!

Krumm: I don't like to brag but...

Ickis: Mama Gromble? It's Ickis and Krumm.

Krumm: I guess she's asleep.

Ickis: Mama Gromble?

[It's revealed as a Gorilla.]

Krumm: That's not her.

Ickis: Now you tell me.

[both run away]

Gromble: Oh, stop it!

Ickis: Thank you, thank you, Your Grombleness. We're so sorry! We didn't mean to...

Gromble: I'll deal with you later. We got to find my mama.

Oblina: Over here!

Mama: Grombie.

Gromble: Don't worry, mommy. That's enough. Let's get her out.

Ickis: I'll do it! I'll chew the bars off with my bare fangs!

Gromble: You could do that. Or you could Just follow These humans Right into The cage.

Man: Okay, Yaky baby. It's feeding time.

Gromble: Watch and learn.


Zookeeper: This tune stinks. Zookeeper 2:

Hey! I wrote it.

Zookeepers: Huh?!


Men: Snarl, grr. I'm the Wilde Yak. Grr, grr.


Candy: Sandy candy live As the president of the city zoo Officially unveils The fierce, vicious, Mongolian wilde yak.

It is with great pleasure That I officially unveil Our zoo's newest attaaction The only one in captivity The fierce, vicious Mongolian wilde yak.

Man 2: I told you it wouldn't work.

Mama: Thank you for coming and getting me, Grombie. I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

Gromble: No, I'm sorry, mama. I shouldn't show you around myself.

Mama: It's okay. I had fun.

Gromble: Maybe, next time you should try to take it easy. I'm worry about you, you know.

Mama: Alright, I'll take it easy. If you let me tuck you in, my...

Gromble: Mother.

Mama: Alright. I forget you're all grown up now. Goodnight, son.

Gromble: Goodnight, mother.

Mama: Bite the bedbugs.

Gromble: Mother.

Mama: Yes?

Gromble: Would you bring me Mr. Sluggy Buggy?