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Nicky is a minor character on "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters", who appeared in The Switching Hour. He celebrated Halloween with his mean brother Jake and his friends. Nicky was dressed as Ickis by designing his costume to look like him. After an egging and TPing in the neigborhood, Nicky and Ickis accidentally switch places, making Oblina and Krumm unknowingly take him to their dorm, where they realize their mistake. They try to convince Nicky that they aren't really monsters, and they have to get him home before his mom finds out, or his mom will ground Jake for life. Nicky, for the time being, spends time with his new friends in the Monster Academy, starting to fear the other monsters, such as when one of them offers him a rat.

When Gromble goes over last week's assignment, he tries to choose "Ickis", which Oblina attempts to prevent him from doing, claiming that Ickis hasn't been himself today. Nicky is strapped to a chair device, which displays footage of him frightening his cat, which the Gromble praises him for and tries to reward him with a worm, scaring him. Krumm eats the worm for him, saying that Nicky is on a diet.

A boy who looks like Nicky appeared in Monsters Don't Dance, where Murray has a nightmare that he's surrounded by kids.


Nicky as Ickis

Nicky wearing his Ickis costume.