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Nuclear and Present Danger

Nuclear and Present Danger is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters present[]


The monsters are mistaken for mutated humans at a nuclear plant and are being chased by scientists who want to study them.


In a nuclear power plant, where three plant workers named Phil, Sheila, and Bob are working inside, Ickis, Oblina, Krumm are seen inside the vents ready to scare the humans. Through the cameras, The Monsters are seen scaring away the plant workers, prompting them to ride away in their car outside the parking lot. The three young monsters take over the technological control pad and Ickis accidentally spills coffee on the pad.

Little do The Monsters know, the camera security guard, who has been away to grab a slice of pizza, returns to his position to find them at the monitor, mistaking them for the three human plant employees Phil, Sheila, and Bob, who they scared away earlier, and thinking that they had transformed into mutants. He panics as a nuclear meltdown is about to precipitate, and the three monsters run to the restroom to escape through the toilet, only to find that the toilet has been sealed, as well as the windows and doors inside the factory.

Back outside, a plant worker named Harold Carson informs the other employees about Phil, Shelia, and Bob's "contamination" and leads them inside. Back inside the restroom, Ickis begins to panic, but Oblina tells him that monsters scare humans and leads Ickis and Krumm to finish the task. They run into the other plant workers and go into scare mode. Oblina is the first to go and pulls out her internal organs. But Harold mistakes this for intense, gastral, intestinal mouth function. Krumm is next to go and sprays his body odor at the workers. But Harold is only convinced that it is toxic body odor. Ickis is last to go and looms in size, only for Harold to think that Phil has crankiness and bloodshot eyes. Since their scare methods are now futile to the plant workers, The Monsters attempt to leave, with Oblina and Krumm heading for the exit and Ickis ending up in the laboratory. When Harold searches for the monster, mistaking him for Phil, Ickis looms in size. But no matter how much he tries, Harold is not even the least bit intimidated. So Ickis makes a run for it.

Meanwhile, Krumm hides inside a cleansing tank, only for one of the plant workers to drain the tank. Oblina unwillingly hides into an atom splitter and multiplies into numerous of mini clones of herself as she gets out after one of the other plant workers opens the door. The atoms of Oblina hide into a fushion chamber to coalesce back into Oblina's original physique as she walks out.

Meanwhile, Ickis is cornered at the monitor by Harold and the other workers and steps on the danger button. He pulls the lever and the alarm of the nuclear power plant is set off, prompting the other plant workers to escape. Ickis then goes crazy and tampers with every button and machine he encounters. His arrogance and smug demeanor soon dissipates when he overhears the announcement of the power plant going in self-destruct mode in forty seconds. So Oblina and Krumm work with him to press whatever button to shut off the the alarm and finally succeed. But they hear a rocket's alarm blaring and try to pull the lever to stop it, only for the rocket to fly out of the building along with The Monsters, who land into the car of Phil, Sheila, and Bob, scaring them away once again. While in the car, Oblina tells her friends that the lesson they have learned is that human technology is not something a monster should tamper with. Ickis accidentally sets the gear of the car to drive and the car accelerates right before crashing into a wall off-screen.


  • The three main plant workers resemble human versions of the main trio.
  • The title is probably based on the 1994 movie Clear and Present Danger and is based on Tom Clancy's 1989 novel of the same name.