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O'Lucky Monster

O'Lucky Monster is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season.

Characters present[]


Oblina is convinced she's cursed when she steps on a slug, which is bad luck in the monster world, and it's up to a lucky fish head to convince her otherwise.


Oblina is rushing through the dump and to the monster school. At the Monster Academy, Ickis and Krumm worry that Oblina will be late for class for the first time. Oblina barely make it on time and as class begins, she tells the Gromble that she would like to present everyone with her latest scare even though she showed one yesterday. As she begins to walk to the viewfinder, she steps on a slug and attempts to swallow it, only for the other monsters to tell her that stepping on a slug is bad luck. But the Gromble denies such superstition, and Oblina says that it is just absurd. She gets on the viewfinder to present her latest scare, only for it to burn out spontaneously.

While walking with her friends in the sewer later on, Oblina tells them that the viewfinder backfiring was just a coincidence. She then ends up being splashed with water coming out of a pipe. Oblina is still not convinced by the curse and decides to go above ground to scare humans just to see how ridiculous it is.

At the park, Oblina attempts to frighten a man sitting on the bench, but gets whacked by a paddle ball he is playing with constantly. When The Monster return home, Oblina still doesn't believe in the curse, saying that every monster has a bad scare every now and then. But as they take the cage elevator down, the rope supporting it snaps and The Monsters crash to the ground with a loud thud. It isn't long before Oblina finally concedes her bad luck and asks her friends if they could help her efface the curse.

At The Monsters' dorm room, Ickis reads a manual on how to get rid of the curse and sings off-key as one of the steps to do so. Krumm leaves the room and goes to the dump to find a lucky charm: a fish head. Back at The Monsters' dorm, Krumm tells Oblina to wear the fish head around her neck and rub it on her for good luck. Krumm suggests to go scaring. But Oblina decides to stay at the dorm to wait for the good luck to precipitate, only to get grabbed by her friends.

The Monsters return to the park and hide in the bushes to prepare their selves to scare the humans. But Oblina feels that there are too many humans around, thus making this task impossible. Meanwhile, a human girl named Julia is being recorded with a video camera by her parent. Julia swallows a caterpillar and walks towards the bushes, where Oblina prays that she would succeed. As Julia finally approaches the bushes, Oblina pulls out her guts, scaring away the little girl as she runs to her parents. Oblina feels satisfied of her luck and decides to scare more humans around the park. She poses as a soccer ball and scares away all the other humans playing a game of soccer. Krumm and Ickis tell Oblina that the three should head home, but Oblina says that she is just getting started and attempts to scare firemen, who are about to set off fireworks. As she leaves, Krumm tells Ickis that the fish head being lucky was just an illusion, much to Ickis' shock. Krumm runs up to Oblina, who is hiding in the wagon of fireworks being hauled by one of the firemen. Ickis follows along and he and Krumm hide into a picnic basket and follow the firemen. The firemen stop to set off the fireworks and as Oblina is about to scare the firemen, she discovers that her fish head is missing and finds that a couple of dogs have taken it. She is then taken by one of the firemen and placed on the ground. They put a match in her mouth ready to get blown to the sky, only for the monster to spit it out. When the firemen take notice, Oblina scares them away successfully. She tells her friends that she didn't need the lucky charm to get a good scare and The Monsters watch as the rest of the fireworks are being blown to the sky.

Back at the Monster Academy, the Gromble congratulates Oblina for her scare and when asked how she got a great scare, Oblina, slightly steaming smoke from the fireworks, says that she just got lucky.


  • According to one of the human's video camera, this episode is set during the Fourth of July.