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[Episode starts]

Ickis: She's gonna be late.

Krumm: She's never late.

Ickis: She's late this time.

Krumm: That belch hasn't belched.

Ickis: should have.. It's time. Something's stuck in his throat.

Oblina: Boy that was lucky.

Gromble: Well, since everyone is here I guess we can begin. Oblina?

Oblina: Yes? I have a scare I would like to present a rather good one I think.

Gromble: But didn't you show a scare yesterday?

Oblina: But I got another.

Gromble: Oh, such a diligent student. I'm sure it will be a treat.


Oblina: A slug. What?

Ickis: You stepped on a slug.

Oblina: So?

Ickis: It's bad luck.

Hairyette: Yeah Oblina. You're cursed.

Gromble: Of all the outrageous Ridiculous human things to think! Dear oblina, you don't take stock In any of those ridiculous superstitions, do you?

Oblina: No sir. Personally, I think it is absurd.

Gromble: Please.


Chef: Careful this last part is tricky. Congratulations on your mar...


Krumm: Bad luck.

Ickis: She's cursed.

Gromble: Yes Oblina?

Oblina: May I show you my scare?

[later on]

Oblina: I cannot believe it! I am so embarrassed.

Ickis: No you're not. you're cursed.

Oblina: Ickis, that curse business is nonsense.

Ickis: Really? Then how do you explain the viewfinder?

Oblina: Coincidence, that is all.

[Oblina gets splashed.]

Oblina: [snarls] Do not say a word. We are going to put this to rest right now. Above ground, where I do what I do best. maybe when you see humans running away from me in fear You shall see how ridiculous this whole curse business is!


Oblina: Watch. Every direction I turn, there are humans. Point your finger! I shall walk that direction and scare whomever I encounter. Fine. Wait here, and listen for the screams.

Ickis: What happen scary?

Krumm: Did you change you're mind?

Oblina: No.

Ickis: You want me to point somewhere else?

Oblina: No!

Man: I missed.

Oblina: everyone has a bad scare now and then.

Ickis: Don't let it get you down, oblina. It's not that you're a bad scarer. It's just that you're cursed! I'm sure you'll get used to it.

Oblina: Well, there is nothing to get used to. What really happened here? Nothing! But a few minuscule coincidences. And one less-than-perfect scare. Hardly reason enough to believe In some ridiculous curse.

[CRASH. The elevator crashes down.]

Ickis: What happened?

Krumm: The cablebroke

Oblina: I am cursed! oh, I am, I tell you. Ickis, do something.


Krumm: How long will this go on?

Ickis: Well, oblina should be curse-free By this time tomorrow. Or maybe the day after.

Krumm: Two days? why?

Ickis: We haven't wrapped her in molding lettuce leaves Bathed her in dog slobber Or painted her tongue with puddle muck. And I have to sing.

[Krumm leaves to search for something.]

Krumm: Lucky eggs? No. Lucky stuffed human? No. Lucky li... Ma... Be-ans. Lima be-ans. Wear the lucky lima be-ans. Lucky wire smile? Whoa, way too weird. A rabbit's foot? Yuck.

[Back home.]

Ickis: What is it?

Krumm: It's a fish head on a chain. You wear it and you rub it. Yeah-- wear it and rub it. It's the luckiest thing in the world. That's it. One stop for all your good luck needs.

Oblina: It really works?

Krumm: Like a charm.

Ickis: You don't have to sing or dance or anything?

Krumm: Nope just rub it wear it and it works.

Ickis: Skanky.

Krumm: Only the best for oblina. Let's go scaring.

Oblina: Perhaps we should stay here a little longer And wait for the good luck to sink in.

Krumm: Don't worry. It works


Krumm: This looks like The perfect place For you to get a scare.

Ickis: Yeah.

Oblina: Really. I was thinking there might be Too many humans around.

Krumm: Come on, Oblina. That doesn't sound like you. It's something ickis would say.

Ickis: Yeah. Wait no.

Sam: Look at me. Look at me you guys,

Man: Shelly look she's looking at something get a look .

Shelly:: put that down, honey. Julia? Put that down, please. Look at mommy, honey. Put that down, julia!

Sam: Mommy! Daddy! Look at me!

Man: Sam, put that down.

Shelly: Put that down honey.

Oblina: Please please please. I beg you I beg you. Come on baby.


Oblian: It works! It really works! I wore it, I rubbed it, it works! I am not cursed anymore! I am back!

Krumm: It's amazing. Let's go home. Oblina?


Oblina: Hello.

Krumm: Great scare, Oblina. Now let's go home.

Oblina: Are you kidding? I'm just getting started.

Man: chief, where do you want the fireworks?

Ickis: Oh no. Fireman.

Krumm: Oblina, I think we should go home.

Oblina: That, my dear,

is because You do not have a lucky fish head. Watch.

Man: Hurry up those fireworks. If this show doesn't start at sundown These law-abiding citizens will get ugly.

Ickis: Oh, that fish head Better be some lucky charm.

Krumm: It's not. I made the whole thing up.

Ickis: You what? Why?

Krumm: I was tired of watching you shake your groove thing.

Ickis: So it's not really good luck?

Krumm: Nope.

Ickis: Fine! Well, I guess then that we should just go out there And maybe help her. What do you think?


Ickis: Go to the right.


Ickis: Wow. Istant sky flowers. Boy are they noisy and they smell like rotten eggs.

Krumm: Come on.

Oblina: Where is my fishhead? Where is it?

Man: This one's next.

Man: I'll set it off.

Idoubt it I picked it out I set it off.

Ickis: Oblina.

Oblina: I lost my fishhead.

Krumm: Forget it. let's go.

Oblina: KA-BOOM! I did it! No more curses, no more bad luck! ♪ No more rubbing it and wearing it ♪ ♪ Or rubbing it, or wearing it ♪ I did it, I did it. What's that?


Gromble: Spectacular, oblina! Truly spectacular.

Monster: How did you get such a great scare?

Oblina: Yes. I'm just lucky, I guess.

[The circle irises on Oblina and closes the episode.]