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Oblina Without a Cause

Oblina Without a Cause is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters present[]


Tired of being seen as a stick in the mud, Oblina adopts a new rebel attitude which endangers her during a storm.


During a windy day in the city streets, Oblina is inside the monster library reading a book called "Be Fonzie Cool", which she checks out. The Library Monster tells her that she is always the last monster to leave the library, never having fun with the other girls.

Oblina meets the other female monsters inside a space ship room having the time of their lives and reluctantly invites her over. They tell her that this party is rule free and relies on being cool, promptly kicking her out for they feel that she isn't cool enough for their party due to her cohesion to the rules and inability to understand the cool girl monsters' jargon.

Oblina returns to her dorm room and screams in frustration, waking Ickis and Krumm out of their sleep. Oblina asks her friends if she is cool, to which Ickis and Krumm responds that she isn't but don't care. So Oblina decides to convince them all that she is, in fact, cool.

The monster is later seen sneaking inside the book room searching in the file cabinet to find information of being cool, and finally comes across a paper for it. The next morning, at the Monster Academy, Oblina arrives in a casual matter and starts speaking flippantly to the Gromble. After class, she is affiliated to the female monsters' group and they make their way into the lunch room to get some lunch. At the lunch room, Oblina sits at the Gromble's table to enjoy her lunch. The Gromble arrives (with a couple of bats) to inform the other students of the adverse weather condition above ground. He tells them that before they do their scares, they should learn their signals before returning home, for the bat will drop above their heads and they should return home immediately to circumvent this, even if it means not completing their scares. Oblina mocks the Gromble's warnings out loud and casually leaves his chair under his deference.

When the other monsters view the windy air, Krumm suggests that they should complete their tasks another day, and Oblina, flouting the Gromble's orders to get Snorched, appears behind them and mocks them for attempting to rescind their own tasks. She leads the other female monsters with her to go scaring as Ickis and Krumm watch in disbelief.

At the Grimm Reapair shop, the female monsters scare away the workers out of the shop, and meanwhile, the Gromble sends the bats out to fly to the city streets. When the female monsters see the bats, they return to the dump, leaving Oblina behind in the alley way. Back at the dump, Ickis asks the girls where Oblina is. Ocka tells him that Oblina is out of control, she's on her own. As the Gromble ushers his students to get inside, Krumm tells Ickis that they can't leave Oblina alone out in the storm. Ickis and Krumm desperately travel through the turbulent weather on a quest to look for their friend and as Oblina scares away every human in the streets, she is caught in a tornado and Ickis and Krumm get caught in it as well at an attempt to rescue her. They hop inside a car, which is thrown out of the tornado and crashes onto the asphalt. After the tornado ends, Oblina apologizes to her friends for almost getting them all killed due to her recklessness and promises never to be cool again. Ickis tells Oblina to stop and says, "Cool is not the problem, Oblina. Rules are not the problem. You're the problem." Oblina is confused by this. Krumm gently pushes the word finding Ickis and tells Oblina that she needs to be herself, just relax, be cool. A weeping Oblina thought she was cool. Krumm tells her that she was cool, but she wasn't being cool about it. Hearing this, Oblina understands.

At the monster library, Oblina checks out another book, the Library Monster is shocked, asking if she's done. Oblina tells her that she's not, but there will plenty of time to finish the next day ("All work and no play you know"). Oblina says goodbye and joins the other female monsters inside the space ship room and parties with them.


  • The Library Monster's skin color is darker in this episode.
  • The title is an obvious play on the 1955 movie title Rebel Without a Cause