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[The episode starts at the library]

Library Monster: Ooh! Uh... Oblina. ( Chuckles ) Finished? My goodness. You're always the last to leave.

Oblina: A human works from sun to sun But a monster's work is never done.

Library Monster: I suppose. But I never see you out having fun With the other girls.

Oblina: What?

Library Monster: Are you having a good time?

Oblina: Oh, well, uh, uh... Of course I am.


Oblina: Hello, I was just passing by And I heard the music. Mind if I come in?

Uh... Sure. If you think you're haboppley enough.

Oblina: Uh, habopple-what?

Dizzle: You know. Haboppley, schmenky Woggley... Uh... Cool!

Oblina: Oh, oh, yes, indeedy. I am just as happadoodly As the next monster.

It's haboppley.

Oblina: Oh, dear! You know, Harriette. I don't mean to be a wet blanket But eating in your room, dear, is against the rules. If the Gromble finds out, you'll be in trouble.

Hey, lighten up, Oblina. This party isn't about rules. It's about being cool. You are just too totally n.f.

Oblina: N.f.?

No fun.

Oblina: Well! I suppose I might seem a tad straitlaced to you But trust me, inside, inside I'm absolutely... Duh-hap-a-doodly-do. Uh, hippa-deadly. Hepa-de-foodle-foo!

Sorry, Oblina.

Oblina: Hep-cock-a-doodle-do. Doodly-foo-woo.

You just ain't got the woggle. This party's not for you.

Oblina: Heboopoly? Oh, I got it! Heboopoly!


Oblina: Ickis? Krumm? I must ask you a very, very serious question. Am I... Schmenky?

Ickis: Schmenky?

Oblina: You know, schmenky, shemple. Do I have the woggle?

Krumm: We like you, Oblina. Is that what you mean?

Oblina: Yes, yes, but am I cool?

Ickis: Cool? You woke us up to ask us that?

Oblina: Well, Ocka and the girls said I was a proper little monster Obsessed with the rules.

Krumm: That sounds about right.

Oblina: So, I am not cool?

Ickis: Well, no. But who cares?

Oblina: I do! You think I am not cool The girls think I am not cool. But I will show you. I shall show all of you. Just you wait and see.


Oblina: Let's see... "Catastrophic, catatonic "Clamato, claustrophobic... Cool!" Cool! Cool. Ha! Nothing will stop me now.


Gromble: Oblina, so glad you could make it.

Oblina: Yeah, well... I flipped a coin and I lost.


Dizzle: What happened? You're so... Schmenky!

All: uh-huh.

Oblina: Well, you know what they say: You either got the woggle Or you don't. Right, ocka? Come on, girls, are you with me?Let's go chow some grubbage.

Girls: Yeah!

Krumm: Wow, she's the gritchiest.

Ickis:If she's not careful, she'll be the snorchiest.

Ocka: There's no place to sit.


Hairyette: You can't sit there. That's gromble's chair.

Oblina: ( Gasping sarcastically ) Why, is it against the rules?


Gromble: Students, your attention please. The weather above ground Has taken a turn for the worse. I will still allow you to do your scares. However, before I send you out Let's make sure we all know the signal to return home In case of a weather emergency. A bat will drop from the air above your head. When you see the bat, come home immediately. Do not walk, do not stroll, do not amble. You'll see the bat You'll stop whatever scare you're doing and run home.

Oblina: Blah, blah, blah Yadda, yadda, yadda. Why? 'Cause you say so?

Gromble: No, because it's the rule And the rule exists for a reason.

Oblina: Yeah, to be broken, daddy-o.

Krumm: Oh, I can't bear to watch.

Gromble: Dear, sweet oblina. So you've decided to be the rebel now. Very daring. You're the rebel. Well, I am the teacher, so I kick you out of my chair Make you follow the rules And send you to be snorched. Now get going!

Oblina: ( Yawning dramatically )


Krumm: Um, maybe we should do this later. Like tomorrow when the weather isn't so bad?

Oblina: what's the matter? You all a bunch of scaredy humans, huh?

Ickis: Oblina! Shouldn't you be getting snorched?

Oblina: Oh, yeah, sure, like I'm going to go to the snorch Just 'cause the gromble womble said so.

Dizzle: But you...

Oblina: But nothing. I'm not worried. I don't give two spits About the gromble and his rules, see? So there! Let's go a-scaring.

Ickis: I think she's flipped.


Tv announcer: a tornado warning is now in effect For the entire tri-county area. Schools and businesses have been closed And all children should remain indoors. I...




Ocka: A bat!

Hairyette: We better get back to the dump.

Oblina: Fine! Hmph. This just proves that I am more schmenky Than all of you put together. Me. Oblina. I am the schmenkiest. I shall show you all!

Ickis: Hey, where's Oblina? You didn't leave her behind, did you?

Ocka: That monster is out of control. She's on her own.

Gromble: Hurry, students, hurry.

Krumm: We can't leave her alone out there.

Ickis: Oh, can't we? No. No, we can't.

Gromble: Well?


Oblina: Yes! I am the best!


Oblina: I am saved! NOOOOOOOOO!!! Icky, Krummy!

Krumm: Don't worry, Oblina, we've got you.

Ickis: Yeah, but who's got us?


Oblina: We are going to die!


Oblina: Oh, dear. Icky, oh, krummy, I'm so sorry. I, I could have gotten us all killed. I was so stupid. I shall never be cool again. Never, never, never, never.

Ickis: Stop it! Cool is not the problem, Oblina. Rules are not the problem. You're the problem.

Oblina: Me?

Ickis: Yes, you. You got to be more... You just, well, you should try to... You're too... It's like, well...

Krumm: What Ickis is trying to say is, you need to be yourself. Just relax. Be cool.

Oblina: [sniffling] But I thought I was cool.

Krumm: You were cool But you weren't cool about it.


Library monster: Oh, my goodness. You're not done, are you?

Oblina: No, no, but there will be plenty of time To finish studying tomorrow. All work and no play, you know.

Library monster: Good girl.

Oblina: Toodle-oo.


Oblina: Hello, let the hap-a-doodle begin.

Ocka: That's habopple.

Oblina: Oh... ( Laughing heartily ) Who cares? Let's party!