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Oblina and the Three Humans

Oblina and the Three Humans is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from season 3.

Characters present


Oblina tells a monster version of the "Three Billy Goats Gruff" to the Gromble's nephew she is babysitting. In her version, a monster named Anilbo ("Oblina" spelled backwards) replaces the troll and three human brothers named Hans, Dieter, and Udo replace the goats.


The Gromble puts Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm in charge to take care of his obnoxious nephew Chomble and leaves. After three seconds of silence, Chomble begins bawling and Krumm asks if he is hungry. Ickis decides that Krumm should bounce him, but this technique only exacerbates the child's sobbing. Ickis makes a funny face, but that doesn't work either. Ickis also suggests that they would put him in a box, but Oblina said no. So Oblina finally decides to read him a story, which quickly calms him down. She reads him a story called, "Anilbo and the Three Humans".

The story begins in the month of October a place where monsters ruled the world with a young female monster named Anilbo, who lived under a bridge. She then heard footsteps overhead and saw a German human approaching the bridge. As the human got closer, Anilbo stood onto the bridge and the human spotted the young monster. After explaining how easily scared he is at times, he told the young monster to save her scare to scare away Deiter, the human's brother, who is delineated as tough and firm. Anilbo agrees to this and lets the human go.

Later, the human (who's named is revealed to be Hans) is seen cooking knockwurst on the grill at the park of the October Fest. The smell permeated to the bridge and Anilbo got a whiff of the smell, causing her to sneeze. Just then, another human is seen crossing the bridge, only to get stopped by Anilbo. The human is revealed to be Deiter, who told the monster that him being tough is just an illusion. He tried to scare himself with his own shadow to convince Anilbo that he is easy to scare, but Anilbo didn't buy it, knowing how tough he is. Deiter tried to convince Anilbo that another human named Uno is the real tough guy and that he should be the one to scare. Anilbo reluctantly agreed to it and tells Deiter to not cook anything afterwards as Deiter walked away.

Deiter and Hans played a Polka dance music, which aggravated Anilbo, causing her head to pound. When Uno crossed the bridge, Anilbo, instead of scaring him, let him go. She subsequently went to school, studied scaring and made her parents happy.

Upon hearing the end of the story, Chomble reverts back to bawling and the Gromble hears the child's wailing from behind the walls of his room. Back in The Monsters' dorm, Ickis persuades Oblina to make up her own ending of the story.

In Oblina's version, Uno crossed the bridge and Anobow sneaks from behind the bushes to find him with the rest of the humans at the October Fest. Uno told the other humans that he wanted an Oompah band, which the other humans agreed to play. During the band, Anobow scared away the humans and no human had ever crossed the bridge after that. Anobow, however, decided to lave the bridge and travel the world to scare every human around there. She became the world's greatest scare-er and lived happily ever after.

After the story, Krumm asks if there is a moral in the story, to which Ickis responds "Who needs school?" as the monsters start laughing. The Gromble then enters the dorm room and takes Chomble along with him to tell him his story of fashion and adventure. He thanks The Monsters for watching his nephew and leaves the dorm. As they walk, the Gromble tells his nephew a story about school, which causes the young monster to start crying. The Gromble shouts out Oblina's name. Oblina asks her friends if they heard anything, which they deny. Oblina then says that it must have been her imagination and closes the door.