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[episode starts.]

Gromble: Yoo hoo! How are my favorite little monsters? This is my sister's son from her first marriage, Chomble. He'd heard so many wonderful things about you three, I just couldn't keep him away. So we decided he'd spend the afternoon with you. I need a little time to myself.

[Gromble leaves. Then after a few seconds, Chomble starts crying.]

Krumm: Are you hungry?

Ickis: Maybe we bounce him. I used to like that when I was little.

Krumm: Okay here goes. Is it... doing anything?

Oblina: Oh stop, Krumm before you pull something.

Ickis: How about a funny face?

[Ickis attempts to make a funny face, but Chomble continues crying.]

Ickis: How about a box? We could put him in a box.

Oblina: Ickis, no. How about a story? Grumm'’s Scary Tales. Do you want to hear a story? You do, yes. This is what my mummy always used to read to me when I was your age. It is called "Anobel and the Three Humans."

[Oblina opens the book and starts narrating.]

Oblina: [narrating] Once upon a time when monsters ruled the earth there was a beautiful monster called Anobel. [it's backwards for Oblina] Back then, garbage was not collected in dumos and monsters live all sorts of places.
 "Anobel lived under a bridge and happily, I might add, until one day in October, I think, when she heard the footsteps of a human."


Anobel: A human.

Oblina: [narrating] "In those days, you see, "monsters did not hide from humans, oh no. "There were so few humans cluttering up the world, "they did not have to. "And when one wandered by, "a monster just marched right up to him "and scared him.

Han: I think you are a scary monster ya?

Anilbo: Why yes.

Hans: And I am only a skinny man. Nothing. I am less than nothing. Bones and skin with leather pants. To scare me would be too easy. Please, watch. My hand! My hand! My hand is where-- I do not know! You see? To scare me is so easy. For you, a waste, yeah? I am telling you also, you save your scaring strength for my brother, yah? He'’s soon coming. Proud scare for you. My brother is guy with plenty big tough.

Anilbo: Realy? A big tough fellow. I just bet. Yes, get going. I shall scare your brother instead.

Hans: Danke Schoen. Forever Hans is your pal. Coming soon is brother called Dieter. You scare him good. So long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen! Bye bye.

Oblina: [narrating] "So, Anobel let Hans go "and went back beneath the bridge to wait "for his brother, Dieter. "But then, Hans did something terrible. He began to cook knockwurst."

Krumm: What's knockwurst?

Oblina: It does not say it just said it smelled terrible. The smell of the human food filled the little valley "and finally floated all the way to the bridge and when it reached Anobel..."

[Anilbo sneezes and sniffs before sneezing again.]

Dieter: ♪ I love to go wandering Along the mountain path ♪ ♪ And as I go, I love to sing With my knapsack on my back ♪♪ You are the monster?

Anilbo: Yes and now [sneezes]

Dieter: Ooh, and here is Dieter. I am him. I am to cross the bridge, yah? No? Oh, you want to scare Dieter, but scaring Dieter is no big whoop. You'’re thinking Dieter is little tough guy, yah? But no, see mein shadow?

Anilbo: That would not work. Your brother already told me you were, and I quote, "guy with plenty big tough."

Deter: Yah, but Udo is tough guy. Dieter is little crawling bug on powder pug. Brother who is plenty big tough is Udo.

Anilbo: Udo?

Deter: Yah, Udo is a man mountain with neck like a Black Forest ham. And he'’s soon coming. Big Udo is the top guy. Yah. You scare Otto good, then you'’ll be top monster. You betcha.

Anilbo: Alright alright. [sneezes] You go and I shall scare Udo, but promise, promise you will not cook anything.

Deter: You betcha. Dieter will not cook. Nein.

Krumm: That guy was pathetic.

Ickis: But at least he promise he didn't cook.

Oblina: What he did do was worse.

Deter: Hans It's Deter. Coming past the monster.

Hans: Hans scream and cry and groan. Leave monster thinking Hans is a wimp and a scaredy cat! Dieter bringing the squeezenweizen?

Deter: Yah. You bet your boots. I feel a polka coming on.

Oblina: [narrating] "And if there something a monster hates "more than human food "it is human music. made her sneeze "and the sounds made her head go boom, boom, boom."

Ickis: What about you do? The biggest human, where is he?

Oblina: "He picked that moment to cross the bridge. "His footfalls fell, harrump, rump, rump. The giant human Udo crossed the bridge and..."

Krumm: And?

Ickis: And?

Oblina: And she let him go.

Krumm: She let him go?

Ickis: She let him go?

Oblina: It says "She let him go and left the bridge "and went to school to study scaring and made her parents very happy."

Krumm: That's it?

Ickis: Oh please.

Oblina: I cannot believe my mother used to read this to me.

Krumm: I can.

Ickis: Who cares? It's alright. Don't cry. There'’s more. Oh, there'’s lots more story.

Oblina: But there is not. That is the end.

Ickis: No it is not the end. There'’s lots more story or we'’ll all gonna get it.

Oblina: But that is what is written in the book!

Ickis: Don't yell at me!

Krumm: Make something up!

Oblina: Alright. Thump, thump, thump. The giant human thingy Udo crossed the bridge and...

Anilbo: [snarls, sneezes.]
Both: Udol!

Hans: Udo wanting knockwurst? Is good.

Udo: Udo no want to nosh on knockwurst! It's Octoberfest.

Deter: Udo wanting polka? Is good.

Udo: No, it'’s Octoberfest! Udo no wanting knockwurst and Udo no wanting squeezenweizen. MitOctoberfest Udo wanting... oompah band.

Hans: Come. Let'’s go to the bandstand!


Udol Monsters!

Oblina: [narrating] "And never, never, never again "did a human dare cross that bridge, "which would have mattered to Anobel "if she had stayed there. "But Anobel decided she would travel the world, "going wherever there were humans "and scare them out of their wits. She became the world's greatest scarer and lived happily ever after."

Krumm: Is there a moral?

Ickis: Yeah. Who needs school?

[Ickis, Krumm and Chomble laugh for a bit and then The Gromble arrives back at the dorm room.]

Gromble: Aren't we having a lovely time?

Ickis: I was just-we were just- come on in. How you doing?

Gromble: Oooh, it's story telling little Chumble enjoys. I must tell you honestly, Oblina, it had not occurred to me. Come, Chumble. If you liked Oblina's little fabrication, you'll just love one of Uncle Gromble tales of fashion and adventure.Ickis, Oblina, Krumm, thank you for watching my nephew. Imagine, who needs school? [laughs, then sternly] We'll Talk.

[They leave]

Gromble: Well, once upon a time in a land full of garbage, there was a very special school and in that school, there was one special monster, one smart, good-looking monster and he was the teacher at that school and everybody loved him. No no, don't do that. No please, pelase! Oblina!

Oblina: Did you hear something?

Krumm: Me? I didn'’t hear anything. Ickis?

Ickis: Me? No I didn't hear anything.

Oblina: Must have been my imagination. Well Goodnight.

[Oblina shuts the dorm door, ending the episode.]