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Old Monster

Old Monster is the first part of the seventh episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1.

Characters present[]


Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are bored when Shroink, the Gromble's old teacher, lectures at the academy. But when they escort him back to the dump, they learn that old monsters are the best monsters.


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At the Monster Academy, the Gromble introduces the class to the Shroink. But it takes a while for the him to arrive, but when he finally shows up, he tries to tell an anecdote of his best scare to the class. However, he falls asleep and then the class bursts into laughter. Then Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm mock the Shroink, only to get busted by the Gromble, who coerces the Monsters to escort him back to the dump.

Then the Monsters walked the Shroink through the alley way and manage to catch the back of a moving bus, only to let go when the Shroink's unable to catch up. Then the Shroink tells them that there's a shortcut. Then they barely cross the street, and then the Shroink finds a dollar bill. Then he tells The Monsters an anecdote of George Washington and how he scared him successfully.

Later, he leads the Monsters through a hole in the brick wall and through the yard, where the monster encounters a vicious bulldog, who charges after Shroink. Then Ickis rescues him and the two are chased by the dog. Then Krumm and Oblina distract the dog and make it out of the yard. The Monsters continue to orient through the streets. When the Shroink spots a human with a punk rock dress style, then he tells The Monsters another anecdote of Albert Einstein, who he also scared back then. When the monsters continue their walk, one of Krumm's eyes rolls off in the middle of the hockey court and then the hockey players use it as a puck. Then the Monsters scare the kids away and they continue to follow Shroink to walk to the shortcut. But Ickis finally tells him that The Monsters go their way instead.

The Monsters try to go through the subway, which the Shroink's reluctant to follow suit. Inside, they encounter a prolific number of other gooey monsters, who surround them and pick on the three young monsters. Then they tied them together and set them in the middle of the tracks, where they are about to get ran over by the train. Having just about enough, Shroink successfully saves himself and the three young monsters and defeat the bully monsters. Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm are impressed by Shroink's triumph and take him home to his dump.

Shroink 1

At the Shroink's home, the Shroink tells The Monsters another anecdote of Gromble when he was a young monster, in which he's at the shoe store and he had red high heels stuck to his feet. Later, the Gromble's revealed to have been eavesdropping and he finally emerges into the room to take The Monsters to the exit. Then he tells them that The Shroink's stories are true, but denies the anecdote of his incident at the shoe store. Then he orders The Monsters to head through the exit, but stays and looks at the picture. He mutters "Maybe I should've grabbed the black ones" and follows his three students back to the Monster Academy.


  • This episode reveals why the Gromble wears high heels and why he is so cranky very often.
  • At the very end of the episode, the Gromble mumbles to himself "Maybe I should've grabbed the black ones." in reference to his high heels. This may have been a nod to the fact that in the pilot episode, his heels were black instead of the usual red.