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Out of the Past

Out of the Past is the 9th Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from season 3.

Characters present[]


The Gromble decides to face his old fears when he sees the one human who did the one thing thought impossible: scared the Gromble.


The Gromble has been looking back in retrospect on the latest scares of the class and rebukes everyone for their inept scaring. Ickis is the first to go to the viewfinder to project his scare, and the video shows the young monster with Oblina and Krumm attempting to scare a mechanic at the construction site and they end up being crushed by car bumpers. They quickly pull themselves out and spot an old woman walking on the streets. They follow her and the Gromble is about to berate their imminent scare until he spots something on the screen and makes Ickis rewind back to it. He magnifies the picture, which shows a red vehicle right before the video shuts off. The Gromble, now feeling nervous and anxious, dismisses the class. But he keeps Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina with him and tells them to meet him in the sewers in five minutes for a scare.

Later, The Monsters are confused at to who the Gromble was determined to scare and come across their headmaster, who is armed with material to prepare for the scare. When Ickis asks the Gromble what are they doing, the Gromble begins to make a traumatizing look and hugs the three monsters as he finally decides to explain his predicament that happened years ago. He explains to them that in his younger years, he has scared a lot of humans in the least places they expected. Then, one dark night, when the Gromble walked through the sewers, he heard a mysterious sound that he later hears currently. Eager, he brings his three students along with him to finish the scare, only for them to get washed away by a wave, which takes them to a sewer pipe labeled "Sewage Treatment #3." They end up outside and the Gromble now acknowledges that it wasn't the person he was trying to scare. When Oblina asks a determined the Gromble why he is trying to scare the mysterious person, he explains that he came across an adversary better known as the "sewer eater," which was a whirling machine that Dick Jolly, the man that the Gromble attempted to scare, tried to use on the monster, who quickly jumped back inside the toilet. He made it out of the sewer and ran into a van titled Jolly Rooter, which prompted him to run away again. Because of this, the Gromble had lost his confidence and has became traumatized since then. When he saw the vehicle in the screen back at the academy, he was hoping to get another chance, only to end in failure. The Monsters tell the Gromble that they will help him find the sewer eater and quickly take a view of Jolly Rooter Sewer Service building. They go inside the building and search for the human to scare, only to find that he is asleep on the couch and now an elderly man. Because he is too old, the Gromble feels that the man is no longer worth scaring nowadays and attempts to bring his students with him to leave, but when a young employee of the sewer service walks in, the monsters scare him away successfully, only to come across the whirling sewer cleaner, which chases the Gromble out of the house. The three young monsters jump onto the sewer cleaner, which falls off the edge of the cliff as The Monsters grab it and crashes down into a pile of rocks below. The Gromble is overly pleased of how he scared away the human and helps his students onto the surface to go out for another scare.

Back at Jolly Rooter Sewer Service, the old man continues sleeping until he hears a loud drip from the faucet. He looks around and quickly goes back to sleep.


  • The style in the flashbacks in this episode are exactly like the ones in the other episode, Old Monster.


  • In the opening scene, the students disappear from the background during closeups on The Gromble.