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[Episode starts]

Gromble: I've been looking back on the latest scares from this class and those were the worst scares I've ever seen in my life! I've seen cheese mold scarier than you. I only hope for the sake of the entire class that the next scare review is better than the pathetic failures I've been seeing lately!

Ickis: I've got a bad feeling about this.

Gromble: Ickis!

Ickis: That feeling just got worse. [walks up to the viewfinder.]

Gromble: You should have a fantastic scare to show us, Ickis, being that the three of you collaborated on it.

Ickis: You'd think that, wouldn't you?


Krumm: Let's go.

[Iron falls on them.]

Grumble: Oh, well, this is off to a promising start.


Gromble: Ooh, scaring an old woman. How ambitious. Of all the pea-brained pathetically unimaginative scares I've seen, this has to be the-- [gasps] Stop, stop, it, freeze that picture! Back it up, rewind! Freeze, hold that thought. Now magnify it.

Ickis: Magnify?

Gromble: You heard me-- magnify.

Ickis: Oh boy, ha ha ha, here goes.

Gromble: No, no, stop, freeze.


Gromble: Well, you heard him. Class dismissed. Go on, get out of here. Except for you three! Where did you see that truck?

Oblina: We were so many places today. Yes, your Grombleness, we don't remember.

Ickis: Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't remember anything.

Gromble: Oh, this is terrible, dreadful. This is the worst day of my life.

Ickis: Anything except coming home through the east side sewer.

Gromble: [laughing] The east side sewer, that's it. This is the greatest day of my life. I love you, Ickis.

Ickis: Well, thank you, I think.

Gromble: You three meet me at the sewer in five minutes and get ready for the scare of your lives. Yes. Yes, I'll get him now. I'll get him now, yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Ickis: Get who now?

Oblina: How should I know?

Ickis: Wait, and you think we should just go along with the Gromble with the way he's carrying on?

Oblina: Of course. It is a scare it is not?

Krumm: Yeah, it is, but you gotta admit he's acting a little weird.

Oblina: It is not our place to question the Gromble. He is our teacher. Besides, I do not think he's behaving all that strangely.

The Gromble: Ahoy there. Greetings, adventurers. Oh, it's a great day for scaring, isn't it? I tell you, I feel like a monsteen again!

Ickis: You were saying?

Gromble: There, now you're ready. This will be a day you'll remember for the rest of your lives. Are there any questions before we shove off?

Ickis:Yes, um, what exactly are we doing?

Krumm: Uh-oh, we've done it now. He's making that face again.

Gromble No, no! Oh my. What have I done?

Ickis: Well, you're squishing my windpipe, for a start.

Gromble: You're right, Ickis. You deserve an explanation, but you must promise me that you will tell no one what I'm about to tell you.

Ickis/Oblina/Krumm: Promise. Promise. Promise.

Gromble: Very well-- what I saw on the screen brought me back to a different time in my life and the night that I wish I could forget. It happened many years ago but I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Krumm: He's making that face again.

Oblina: Shh!

The Gromble: Those were good times. I was a younger monster then, not just teaching scaring, but going out on scares myself almost every night. And the scaring was easy, too, thanks to a wonderful new human invention. Suddenly, we monsters were scaring humans in numbers like never before.


Gromble: We thought the good times would never end, but then, one dark night, disaster struck. While on my way to a scare, I was startled by a sound that I had never heard before, an ominous terrible sound, a sound just like... Like that sound up ahead!

Ickis: I was afraid you were going to say that.

Gromble: That's him, don't you see? We have no time to lose. Come on!

[They run]

Gromble: We're really flying now!

Oblina: We are going to be floating in a minute!

Gromble: Oh no.

[Wave splashes on them]

Ickis: Um, am I safe in assuming that that wasn't him?

Gromble: No, that wasn't him.

Ickis: [cries] Can we go home now?

Gromble: If you wish, but I must go on. I can't give up my quest.

Oblina: Excuse me, Your Grombleness, yes, but if maybe you would tell us why you are doing this, we would be happy to go along with you.

Gromble: Very well, I'll tell you. I didn't know it then but the sound I heard that night would lead me to my most shameful moment as a monster.

[Memory plays]

The Gromble: I had to find the source of this horrible sound and when I did, I laid eyes on the fiercest enemy monsters ever knew, the sewer eater. I tried to scare him...


Gromble: ...but he was fearless. He attacked me with his horrible machine. I had no choice but to run for my life. Because of my failure at the hands of the sewer eater, the bottom dropped out of the scaring boom. The hard times had come. When I saw his truck on the viewfinder today, I thought I had another chance to get him, but instead, I failed and I almost got us all hurt. There, now you know my secret.

Ickis: '’Kay, see ya.

Oblina: You are not going anywhere. Gromble, we would be proud to help you find this sewer eater.

Gromble: You would?

Oblina: Yes.

Krumm: Yes.

Ickis: Ow! Yes.

Oblina: We shall follow you, sir, no matter how long it takes.

Krumm: It might not take that long. Look.

Gromble: There it is. The home of my nemesis. Monsters, it's scaring time! Now listen to me, he's a big one. Huge-- the biggest human I've ever seen.

Ickis: Oh, great.

Gromble: And he's vicious.

Ickis: Don't want to forget vicious, now do we?

Gromble: All right, now get ready to scare. On three-- one, two, three.


Krumm: That's him? Um, I mean that's him. Ooh, he's scary, all right.

Oblina: Oh, yes, I was just looking at the size of those... chins.

Gromble: I swear he was huge. Enormous.

Oblina: We understand.

Gromble: You can't understand. The object of my obsession, the dreaded sewer eater is this?

Krumm: Well, he's easier to scare now.

Gromble: He's not worth scaring now. I'm just an old fool. Come on, let's go home.

Man: Hey, Gramps. I thought I heard a noise.

[Everyone gasps.]

Gromble: I did it. I scared him.

Ickis: Great. Now might I suggest we save our lives?


Ickis: We gotta help the Gromble!


Ickis: Oh, that was great, but what do we do now?

Krumm: How about hold on?

Ickis: It's over. Finally we can go home.

The Gromble: I got him! Did you see the way I scared that human? Did you, huh-- did you? Oh, I want to scare some more!

Oblina: You were saying?

Gromble: Sewer eater, ha. The moment I saw him, he was mine. He was putty in my claws. I tell you, I could go on scaring for hours and even talking about scaring for hours. Come on, let's talk for hours.