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The pilot is the first episode produced for Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. The episode have been never released, however, a few snapshots of it have been circulated online.


Ickis accidentally leaves behind his Monster Manual during a failed attempt at a scare and must get it back or face the Womble's wrath!



  • The Womble's name was changed to the Gromble after this episode aired, because of a British television series called The Wombles.
  • Ickis wears glasses in this episode, but does not wear them in any further episodes.
  • The episode "Monsters, Get Real!" is a remake of this episode with added footage of the sewer journey and better animation, along with The Gromble's name change.
  • The plot is believed to be the same as "The Switching Hour" which is the first official episode, but people believe it is a shorter version or split into 2 parts like the aired version.