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Pugh is a monster student at the Monster Academy. He only made one appearance in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, in the episode "Don't Just Do It".


He was older than many of the other monster students, with tall orange hair, prominent buck teeth, and curly-toed feet. He considered the The Monster Academy to be for losers and along with a gang of similarly delinquent monsters preferred to loaf around and bully other students. One of his favorite victims was Ickis. However, when Ickis stood up to him, Pugh was impressed and offered him membership in his gang. Ickis began hanging out with the bullies instead of going to class.

One day, Pugh suggested that he and Ickis go topside for a scare. Remembering The Gromble's most recent lesson regarding the monsters' air sacs, Ickis asked Pugh if he'd filled his with noxious air so as to survive the oxygen-rich environment of the human world. Pugh thought about it, before lying and saying he had. During the adventure, Pugh turned out to not be as tough as he thought; the smaller and geekier Ickis proved more knowledgeable about the world than him, and more than once Pugh had to rely on the younger monster student for assistance, such as when he wasn't sure if he could fit through a pipe.

The two ended up in the men's room at a bakery, where Pugh scared the baker, Jacques. After he fled, Pugh foolishly attempted to pursue him despite Ickis' warnings not to. Before he could catch up to Jacques, though, Pugh began having difficulty breathing, as he hadn't actually filled his air sac. He collapsed, and Ickis had to drag his friend into hiding as Jacques returned with other humans, a caterer and another baker. After they laughed at Jacques' story about a monster and left, Jacques and the bakery's janitor, who'd also seen Pugh and Ickis, began a systematic hunt for the two. Pugh told Ickis to escape without him, but the other boy refused, and ended up sharing the air from his sac with Pugh, revitalizing him.

After this, the duo scared Jacques and the janitor and escaped. Once back at the dump, Ickis advised a relieved Pugh to go and see the Gromble about possibly enrolling in his class. The Gromble ended up punishing both boys for going above ground without permission after seeing what had happened using the Viewfinder. Ickis was Snorched, and Pugh was giving detention, multiple Snorchings and a walk through a field of flowers. Despite this, the Gromble saw potential in Pugh and allowed him to enroll in his class.