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Puppy Ciao is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season. It first aired on October 14, 1995.

Puppy Ciao
Episode 36 (Season 2, Episode 6b)
Airdate October 14, 1995
Directed by Jim Duffy
Written by Steve Skrovan
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
"Monster Who Came In From the Cold"
"The Rival"

Characters present


A stray dog, whom he affectionately names Fungus, follows Ickis back to the dump and they quickly bond.


The Monsters are sneaking in a house at an attempt to scare another human when they encounter a puppy chewing on a toy. The Monsters run out the door with the puppy following them along. Oblina spots a hole through a sewer pipe in the middle of the freeway and she runs to it, barely dodging the zooming cars. Ickis is apprehensive about crossing and Krumm takes him along to do so. Krumm makes it past the cars, but Ickis is still in the middle of the road and as a truck is about to run him over, the puppy saves him and licks him in the face. Ickis decides to keep him, which Oblina reluctantly accepts.

Back home, Oblina tells Ickis that she wants nothing to do with the puppy and that the puppy (who Ickis names Fungus) is his responsibility. At the Monster Academy, The Gromble tells the other monsters to turn their monster manuals to Chapter 11 and overhears Oblina and Ickis arguing over what name is better for the puppy. Gromble demands Ickis to show him his manual, which Ickis complies to, revealing it to be chewed up. Ickis bites his manual to hide the suspicion from Gromble. Gromble also notices that Krumm has a jar of fleas beside him and the young monster accidentally drops the jar, which breaks on the ground as the fleas bounce away. The other monsters crowd to grab them, only to get ordered by Gromble to sit down. The teacher later hears a loud howl from outside, so Oblina tries to convince him that she is the one doing the howling.

Later, Ickis is seen playing with Fungus at the dump, and the puppy is later seen with one of Krumm's eyeballs in his mouth, prompting the monster to chase him around right before he finally retrieves it. Gromble is later seen in his room trying to pick out some shoes to wear while dancing.

Back in the three monsters' room, Fungus begins to get out of control, even burying Oblina in the dirt. To The Monsters' horror, Fungus leaves out of their dorm, prompting them to chase after him. Ickis and Oblina end up riding Fungus around as the puppy runs through the academy, including Gromble's room. Ickis and Oblina land onto The Snorch's lunch, and Gromble catches the two young monsters and admonishes them. He demands Ickis to return the puppy back home immediately and finds out that Fungus has chewed up all of his shoes.

Back at the house above the freeway, The Monsters return Fungus home, much to the puppy's dismay. They ring the home owner's doorbell and hide. A human boy opens it and finds Fungus (who was originally named Daffy, short for Daffodil) on the front door.

As The Monsters return home, Ickis reminisces in sadness of the memories he had with the puppy. So Krumm puts a fish in a jar and tells Ickis that he could have it as a pet. They first go to Gromble to let them know about Ickis' new pet Little Gromble. He becomes happy at first, until the fish jumps out and bites him on the nose, prompting the three young monsters to run away.


  • The name of the title is a parody of the dog food product Purina Puppy Chow


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