[Episode starts]

Oblina: This way.

Ickis: Okay everything will be just fine as long nobody makes any sudden moves.

[The puppy barks and chase them.]

Oblina: Looky, we can escape though here.

Krumm: Come on Ickis.

Ickis: No I can't do it Krumm. I can't.

Oblina: Hurry up!

Krumm: Just follow me.

Ickis: No no.

Oblina: Where is Ickis?

Krumm: He's right behind me.


Ickis: [laughing] Stop it stop it!


Ickis: I wanna take him back with us.

Oblina: You mean take him back to school. Come now Ickis he is a very dangerous bark anb bite.

Ickis: Dangerous? He saved my life.

Krumm: Good fleas.

Oblina: No. It is simply out of the quesiton.

Ickis: Here Fungus. here fungus.

Oblina: Fungus? You're calling it Fungus?

Ickis: I like Fungus.

Oblina: I like Pusstool.

Ickis: Fungus.

Oblina: Pusstool.

Ickis: Fungus.

Oblina: Pusstool.


Oblina: Pusstool.



Ickis: That's quite alright.




Oblina: [howling]

Ickis: [whispers] Fungus...


Krumm: Come on Fungus give it back.

Gromble: Lovely. what to wear what to wear?

Krumm:That's not a toy Fungus.

Ickis: I just love what the two of you have done witht the place.

Krumm: Ickis


Krumm: Ickis we got to do something. Fungus is out of conttrol. Oblina think so too.

Ickis: Where is Oblina?

Krumm: You got me.

Ickis: Fungus, have you seen Oblina?

[The dog barks]

Ickis: What is it you say Fungus? [dog barks] Oblina's trapped in well?

[The dog digs up and in which he buried Oblina in the ground.]

Oblina: That is quite enough.

Ickis: I better take him out.

Oblina: No. Not now later. When the Gromble is asleep.

Krumm:Have a nice walk.


Library Monster: At long last, every single book is in it's proper place.


Gromble: ICKIS!


Ickis: Hungry?

Gromble: ICKIS!

Ickis: So does mean we can't keep him?



Ickis: Here we are Fungus. Welcome to your new home.

Boy: Daffodill. Hey everybody Daffy came back!

Both: Daffy?


Krumm: You don't have a tail.

Oblina: Krumm..


Oblina: Oh. But the Gromble was right Ickis. Bark and bites belong with humans.

Ickis: I know.

Oblina: There there icky. Let it all out.

Krumm: Here Ickis.

Ickis: Thanks Krumm. What should I name it?


Gromble: This better be good.

Ickis: We don't mean to disturb you.

Gromble: I see.



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