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[Episode starts]

Oblina: This way.

Ickis: Okay, everything will be just fine as long nobody makes any sudden moves.

[The puppy barks and chase them.]

Oblina: Lookie, we can escape though here.

Krumm: Come on, Ickis.

Ickis: No, I can't do it, Krumm. I can't. I'm holding you back.Go ahead without me.

Oblina: Hurry up!

Krumm: Just follow me.

Ickis: No, no.

Oblina: Where is Ickis?

Krumm: He's right behind me.


Ickis: [laughing] Stop it, stop it!

Oblina: I hate to break up this tender moment, ickis But we should be on our way.

Ickis: I wanna take him back with us. Can I keep him?

Oblina: You mean take him back to school? Come now, Ickis he is a very dangerous bark and bite.

Ickis: Dangerous? He saved my life.

Krumm: Good fleas.

Oblina: No. It is simply out of the question. Ickis, Krumm, I want to make perfectly clear. This is your idea, I want absolutely nothing to do with.

Ickis: Here, Fungus. Here, Fungus.

Oblina: Fungus? You're calling it Fungus? What sort of a sickening sweet name is Fungus? How about Pusstool? Now there is a name you can say with pride. Pusstool.

Ickis: I like Fungus.

Oblina: I like Pusstool.

Ickis: Fungus.

Oblina: Pusstool.

Ickis: Fungus.

Oblina: Pusstool.

Ickis: Fungus.

Gromble: Good morning, my little slime-slurpers. Take out your monster manuals And turn to chapter -- "Making emotional trauma work for you."

Oblina: Pusstool.

Ickis: Fungus.

Gromble: Excuse, Ickis, Oblina. I'm so sorry. WAS I talking while you were talking? Where are my matters? How could I be so RUDE as to interrupted with undoubted meaningless dribble?!

Ickis: Well, that's quite alright, Your Grombleness. Your apology is accepted. No hard feelings.

Gromble: Ickis, your Monster Manual?

[Ickis eats his Monster Manual.]

Gromble: How inspiring, class. If only we could be More like ickis, hmm? He has not only committed the manual to memory But also to his digestive tract!

Ickis: Delicious.

Gromble: And what have we here, Krumm?

Krumm: Fleas?

Gromble: Do you have enough for the whole class?

Krumm: I think so.

[Krumm break the jar, make the fleas flee and all the monsters eating them.]

Gromble: SIT DOWN!

[All the monsters went back to their seats.]

[A puppy howls.]

Gromble: What is that?!

[Oblina howls, the puppy howls and Oblina howls again.]

Oblina: Oh, sometimes I just cannot help myself if I simply have to sing.

[A puppy howls and Oblina howls.]

Ickis: [whispers] Fungus...


* ickis and fungus,

he's not a virus *

* Don't call him pustule

( Chuckles )

* Fungus and ickis

* Barks 'cause he likes us

* Don't call him piddle

* Come here, boy, come here

* He's drooling bacteria

* A slobbering

factory of fleas *

* Hey, what's the crime

* Playin' in puddles of slime,

what the hey *

* It's okay

by me and my fungus *

* He's not a virus

* Don't call him pustule

* Monsters and dogs rule, yeah

* 'Cause they're smelly.

Krumm: Come on, Fungus give it back.

Gromble: Lovely. what to wear, what to wear?

Krumm: That's not a toy, Fungus.

[Krumm try to get his eye back from the dog, but the dog shake Krumm and spin him around.]

Ickis: I just love what the two of you have done with the place.

Krumm: Ickis, tell him to get back my eye.

Gromble: Oh, there's nothing like a shiny new pair of shoes To awaken the blithe spirit in this old gromble.

Krumm: Ickis, we got to do something. Fungus is out of control. Oblina think so too.

Ickis: Where is Oblina?

Krumm: You got me.

Ickis: Fungus, have you seen Oblina?

[The dog barks.]

Ickis: What is it you say, Fungus?

[dog barks]

Ickis: Oblina's trapped in well?

[The dog digs up and in which he buried Oblina in the ground.]

Oblina: That is quite enough. I have had it up to hear with this game. I really admitted the first 15 times were fun, but now I must say it is getting a tad teach us.

[the puppy whimpers, scratch the door.]

Ickis: I better take him out.

Oblina: No. Not now, later. When the Gromble is asleep.

Krumm: Have a nice walk.


Library Monster: At long last, every single book is in its proper place.

[The dog takes Ickis and Oblina to the library and the library is destroyed.]

Library Monster: Rats!


Gromble: ICKIS!

[The puppy takes Ickis and Oblina to the lunchroom and disturbed the Snorch.]

Ickis: Hungry?

[Snorch groaning.]

Gromble: ICKIS!


Ickis: So does mean we can't keep him?

Gromble: My dear Ickis, it's not that I don't like pets. I myself bred cockroaches as a lad-- I simply have an aversion to anything That might destroy everything I have my worked my entire life to build! ( Yelling ) I'm funny that way! ( Giggles ) You're lucky I'm in a good mood. Now I suggest you locate that bark and bite And take him back above ground Before I get perturbed!

[The puppy pops out from the pile of Gromble's shoes and barks, infuriating The Gromble more.]

Gromble: ICKIS!


Ickis: Here we are, Fungus. Welcome to your new home.

Boy: Daffodil. Hey, everybody! Daffy came back!

Both: Daffy?

Ickis: This is we play catch. And this is where we gave each other a bath. And this... This is where we chased our tails.

Krumm: You don't have a tail.

Oblina: Krumm.

Krumm: He doesn't.

Ickis: And this is where He took me and oblina skiing... Oh, those were good times.

Oblina: Oh. But the Gromble was right, Ickis. Bark and bites belong with humans.

Ickis: I know, I know but. It sure didn't take him long to forget all!

Oblina: There, there, Icky. Let it all out.

Krumm: Here, Ickis. maybe you can have this as a pet.

Ickis: Thanks, Krumm. What should I name it?

Oblina: Wait a minute, you two. First thing first.

Gromble: This better be good.

Ickis: We don't mean to disturb you. But we wanted

to check with you Before we brought in another pet.

Gromble: I see. Apparently I've taken to mumbling. Otherwise, why else would you have not understood me When I said ( Yelling ): no more pets!

Ickis: Well... Little Gromble.

Gromble: Little Gromble. Hmm, well, it has a bit of a ring to it. Well, maybe I could make an exception. Oh, look, this appears to be a perfectly harmless...ICKIS!

[The monsters gasp and run off. The episode fades out, ending it.]