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Quest for the Holy Pail

Quest for the Holy Pail is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season 2. It first aired on November 18, 1995.

Characters present[]


Ickis must take a perilous journey to retrieve the fabled Holy Pail just as monsters before him have.


Oblina emerges from the dryer and runs through the dump where she finds Ickis sleeping in a puddle of mud. Oblina tells him that they are going to be late for class and the two head to class, that is until Ickis notices an eclipse of the sun. The other monsters come outside to witness this and the Gromble says that it is a message to the monster world right before ordering the rest of the monsters to follow him. Inside, he shows them the ancient garbage can better known as The Holy Pail. He also states that the others should wait for the sign to see who is chosen as the Golden Monster. The other monsters think that it is too much work, but Ickis disagrees, saying that it is more like an adventure. As he brags about the Holy Pail, the pail is seen hovering above him and dumps the paint inside on him in the process, thus choosing Ickis as the Golden Monster.

The Gromble shows Ickis the crate of everything that is mandatory for him during the journey, referred to as the box of really useful stuff. Things include a ball of string, two trash can lids, a spring, and window blinds. Ickis takes the material and hops onto the box boat. Before he leaves, the Gromble tells him to travel lightly through Belch Splat Cavern, where he would find the Holy Pail at the top of the heap. Ickis then travels nervously through the sewer.

During his expedition, Ickis comes across turbulence and as he gets to the end, he is chased by a crocodile. He uses his spring to ride it like a boat and continues his journey. He ends up on land in Picador Cave and looks around the doorways, only to find that he is lost. He tries to be brave, but finds that he only has a ball of string and faints to the ground. The ball of string rolls through the doorways, facilitating Ickis's prospects of finding his way out.

Meanwhile, at the Monster Academy, the Gromble shows his students the elements of fear used to memorize it. Back in Picador Cave, Ickis chases the ball of string in another room and finally comes across Belch Splat Cavern, which has numerous of belching volcanoes. Just then, he hears a sinister laugh and navigates through the cavern to follow it. Back at the academy, while the Gromble is teaching the monsters the element, Oblina is desperate to be on the journey Ickis is venturing.

Back in Belch Splat Cavern, Ickis uses the two trash can lids to walk onto the volcanoes and grabs on to flying bats, which take him to the top of the cavern. While the monsters continue to learn the elements back at the academy, Ickis continues his journey by riding on a minecart, where he is attacked by archers written on the wall. He makes it to the end and at the top of the heap, where he finds a three-eyed monster. Ickis tells the monster that he is here for the Holy Pail. But the monster tells him that he is fresh out and sends Ickis out. But not before offering him a toothpick.

Ickis returns to the academy and says that his journey was pathetic since he found nothing. The Gromble laughs at Ickis' failure and reveals that he has gone on the journey back then as well. He states that if you travel alone lightly, you'll never come home empty-handed. As Ickis sleeps, the rest of the class continues learning the scare elements.


  • In this episode, Ickis says "I hate my life", which is similar to the catchphrase of Ed Bighead from Rocko's Modern Life, and both Ickis and Ed Bighead are voiced by Charlie Adler.


  • For some reason, Ickis is seen at one point at the scene before the Gromble discusses the elements of fear to the students despite that Ickis is already on the journey.