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[episode starts]

Oblina: Ickis. Ickis wake up! What in garbage name are you doing out there?

Ickis: [waking up] I was getting my ugly sleep.

Oblina: Well, if we do not hurry, we are going to be late for class again.

Ickis: Oblina?

Oblina: I am afraid, Ickis for once I cannot tell you what that is.

Krumm: Is this your fault?

Ickis: No.

Oblina: It this another world?

Gromble: No It's a sign. a message to the monster world. Follow me.


Gromble: The time has come for a young monster to enter this passage way and journey in search of the ancient garbage cans.

All: The holy pail.

Oblina: I guess It should be me.


Oblina: Well it should be based on grades.


Ickis: What is with you guys? This isn't work.

Gromble: That's the sign.

Ickis That?

Gromble: No that.




Krumm: Good luck, buddy.

Ickis: I don't even know where I'm going.


Ickis: Belch splat cavern?


Ickis: [cries] Are you sure you got the right Ickis?

Gromble: Just use your brain, Ickis, for once.

Ickis: I hate my life.


Ickis: Pick a door cave? Well I guess I just pick a door. It's alright.. It is alright. I may be lost.


Gromble: I have absolutely wonderful news.

Oblina: What are we gonna do with that?


Ickis: I wonder if this Blech splat cavern. Guess so.

Gromble: Very good. And now class let's go over.


Gromble: Good. Now everyone the phobias.

Oblina: I cannot believe Ickis gets to miss this.


Oblina: I do not care.



Gromble: Oblina? Oblina? OBLINA!

Oblina: [waking up] What? Yes humans are often afraid of humans just because they look different.


Ickis: I made it!

Monster: I hate this thing. has it been 400 years already?

Ickis: I've come for the holy pail.

Monster: Sorry. Fresh out. That's it we're done. See ya.

Ickis: See ya? That's it?




Krumm: Ickis, you're back!

Ickis: Yeah and empty handed.

Krumm: Come on, how was it?

Ickis: How was it? Lousy. You know what's out there? Nothing.


Ickis: Oh sure.

Gromble: Exactly.

Ickis: Exactly

Gromble: That's my point!

Ickis: What's your point?


Ickis: Oh fine! Make fun of the failure!


Ickis: You went too?

Gromble: Yes I did.


Gromble: Nope.

[Ickis falls asleep.]

Oblina: Oh. Shall we wake him?

Gromble: No. Ickis can sleep. As for the rest of you, repeat after me!