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Rookie Monsters

"Rookie Monsters" is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from the 4th season and the final episode of the series. It first aired on December 6, 1997.

Characters present[]


While trapped in a trash compactor, the monsters remember back to when they first met.


Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm were pursued by a guard dog and jump into a garbage chute for escape. They land inside the garbage and find themselves between the garbage compactor. Since they are trapped inside due to the dog blocking their only exit out, they end up bickering and Ickis asks how his friendship with Krumm and Oblina even precipitated in the first place.

Back then, Oblina is seen in her younger years getting ready for her first day at the academy. Ickis then walked in and Oblina was shocked to know that he is the son of Slickis. Ickis appears to be supercilious and rude, telling Oblina to hike on down the hall. In deference, Oblina packed her suitcase and attempted to walk out, only for the Gromble to kick a nervous Krumm inside, for the former told the three that they are roommates. At the Monster Academy, the Gromble told the students that a monster has to learn their own unique scaring technique. The students complied to the Gromble's order to read the monster manual, all except for Krumm, who is sobbing over his homesickness, and Ickis, who is little more than smug about this and chooses not to read. The Gromble noticed Ickis' recalcitrant manner and had him demonstrate his scaring technique to the students. After explaining that his father Slickis was a great loomer, Ickis tried to demonstrate this. But he only ended up shrinking himself in size. Later, Oblina was called to demonstrate her scaring technique and tried to pull her guts out. But only ended up pulling her tongue instead. It wasn't long until Krumm was called to demonstrate his scaring technique and only let out a simple boo. Oblivious to his own stench, Krumm walked back to his seat. The Gromble has sent Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina to his room and tells them that they need to collaborate together for one easy scare. The trio were sent to scare a neurotic human with a fear of cauliflower and Ickis attempted to do the job, only for Oblina to remind him that this is a team scare. So she decided to go first, prompting an argument between her and Ickis. The human closed the window on The Monsters' fingers, causing them to fall into a swimming pool. Their failure was shown on the viewfinder and they blamed each other for the failure. So Gromble decided to have them scare alone instead. At Madame Helga's Spa, where the three monsters were isolated from each other to complete their tasks, Krumm scared away a human couple while hiding inside a hot tub and two guys inside a locker room, permeating his stench in the process. Meanwhile, at the tennis court, as Ickis, shrunken in size, has been spotted by a couple of tennis player, they tried to catch him, only for Oblina to appear and pull out her guts, scaring them away. Ickis thanked Oblina for saving him and wondered where Krumm was. Krumm is later shown being chased by the Mistress Helga, who tried to eradicate the stench form him. When she finally caught him inside one of the lockers, Ickis loomed in size in front of her and scared her away successfully. Krumm thanked Ickis and the three young monsters became friends.

Back in the presence, with the monsters still inside the garbage compactor, they begin to sob. Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm all hug while apologizing to each other. To make matters worse, the garbage compactor is activated, and The Monsters are about to be crushed. Oblina holds the compactor in place and Ickis and Krumm escape successfully. Ickis scares away a human and turns off the compactor, sending Oblina back outside of the dump. Oblina ties the dog to the fence and the monsters are back together. They then are confronted by the Gromble, who asks them who's idea was it to be out late during the night. The trio then goes back to accusing each other as the show ends.


  • In the flashback, Ickis resembled the current Oblina, Oblina resembled the current Krumm, and Krumm resembled the current Ickis, personality wise.
  • The first lesson that Gromble taught the monsters was in chapter one of the Monster Manual: Getting in Touch with the Monster in You.
  • This is the fourth and final time Ickis, Oblina and Krumm are chased by a dog; the first was Gone Shopp'n, the second was Puppy Ciao, and the third was The Lips Have It.
  • The title is a pun off of the Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster.