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[The episode starts at the dump. The monsters are being chased by the dog.]

Ickis: Oh no! We're goners!

Oblina: Follow me.

[The monsters jumped into a trash compactor.]

Oblina: We made it, We made it.

Krumm: Yeah! We made it! [laughs] Alright!

Ickis: I hate to a throw a cold bucket of water on this little love fest, but there's no way out of here.

Oblina: Nonsense. We shall just sneak out they way we came in.

[Oblina peeks outside the compactor.]

Oblina: Just as I suspected. The bark and bite is gone.

[The dog growls at her, causing her to fall back.]

Oblina: [Laughs nervously] We may be here for a while.

Ickis: Oh no! We'll never getting out of here! We're doomed! Doomed, I tell you! Doomed!

Oblina: [angered] Oh, stuff a cork in it, Ickis! Why must you always panic? (mocks Ickis) "We're doomed! We're goners! The sky's falling!"

Ickis: [angered] I would not have to panic, little Ms. Teacher's Pet, if we had gone home like we were supposed to! (mocks Oblina) "Oh, one more scare. I simply must have one more scare."

Krumm: [angered] You know, I'm getting a little tired of you two ARGUING all the time! You're always, [he throws his eyeballs up and mimics Ickis and Oblina arguing before his eyeballs fall back into his hands.]

Ickis and Oblina: So, who asked you?!

Krumm: Fine! [storms off to the left corner] I never wanna see you two again.

Ickis: [as he stays in the middle further way] Fine! Who needs one of you.

Oblina: [as she stays at the right corner] Fine. From this moment on, Oblina scares solo.

Ickis: How did we ever become friends in the first place?

[The last two words echo as we zoom into Ickis' eye, starting the flashback.]

[This flashback started way way back in their younger years. There, we see a younger Oblina, getting ready for her first day at the Academy.]

Oblina: Ooh. Our first day at the academy. I'm so excited aren't you? I can feel it in the air.

Ickis: Who are you?

[Oblina turns her head and sees a younger Ickis. He was once cheerful. But back then, he was a little rude.]

Oblina: Um, my name is Oblina. And you are?

Ickis: The name's Ickis. You may have heard of my father, Slickis.

Oblina: [gasp] You are the son of the great Slickis? This academy's most esteemed graduate?

Ickis: That's right, sister. And you don't think that make Ickis, son of Slickis, share a room do you? I think not. So, I suggest you just pack up your cute doll and phony accent and hike down the hall.

Oblina: I'm, I'm so sorry for the mixup. It was just, such an honor to meet you. Please forgive my intrusion and, my accent.

[Then a younger Krumm was tumbled in the dorm by the Gromble.]

Krumm: I don't wanna go to school!

[Krumm gets kicked into the room by the Gromble.]

Gromble: Oblina, Ickis, meet your new roommate, Krumm.

Krumm: Please, let me go home. I don't wanna be in school. I can't take this kind of pressure.

Gromble: Oh, Krumm. Homesickness is a common problem for young students. But I have every confidence that you will soon, GET OVER IT!

Ickis: Um, excuse me, you most excellent Gromblehood, but, you just called us Roommates. Now, I'm assuming, you mispoke since-

Gromble: Ickis, the first thing you should learn, The Gromble never, I repeat, never, mispeaks. Ta-ta!


Gromble: SILENCE! Thank you. Now, the most important thing from monster to learn is his own unique scaring technique.

[Krumm is still crying.]

Gromble: That's why I want all of you new students to open your monster manuals to Chapter one. "Getting in Touch With the Monster In You."

Ickis: Monster manual. I don't need no stinkin' monster manual.

Gromble: Ickis, do you have a comment you would like to share with the rest of the class? Hmm?

Ickis: Um, I was just, saying, something really stinks good.

[Krumm continues crying.]

Gromble: Class, Ickis, of course, is the son of the great Slickis. Why don't you show the rest of the class how you scare, Ickis?

Ickis: We'll I don't wanna show off. But if you insist, uh... You see, my dad is a great loomer And so am i. At the blink of an eye he looms up huge Towering over his prey and...

[Ickis tries but he shrinks in a tiny size instead of growing 15 feet tall.]

Ickis: You know, I almost got it.

Gromble: Ahem. Oblina? Perhaps you should show us what you got.

Oblina: Ahem. I, I now would attempt to pull my guts out. Hope you enjoy it.

[Oblina tries to pull her organs but only pull out her tongue.]

Ickis: That's it you're tongue? Ooh, scary.

Krumm: Um, Boo?

[The Gromble moans in defeat.]

Krumm: It's no use your Grombleness. I'm, I'm a failure. Send me home.

Gromble: Surely, Krumm. There must be something about you that's frightening. Every monster has at least one thing.

Krumm: Not me.


Gromble: Something tells me it's not a good idea for you three to go out on your first scare alone. Therefore, I'm sending the three you out together. Three monsters, one easy scare. TRY NOT TO BLOW IT!


Man: Goodness gracious. It's just a coliflower. Silly me. For a moment, I thought it was an alien life form.

Ickis: Talk about easy. This guy's afraid of vegetables. [giggles] I'll handle this.

Oblina: Wait, wait. We are supposed to be a team. We need a plan. I'll go first.

Ickis: That's your plan? You first? Nothing doing it, sweet heart. Me first.

Oblina: No me.

Ickis: Me.

Oblina: Me.

Krumm: Let's just go home.

Man: P.U. Something sure stinks around here.

[He closed the window causing the monsters to yelp in pain the all fell into the pool and struggled to swim. Back at the auditorium the monsters started blaming each other.]

All: It's his/her fault! It's his/her fault! It's his/her fault!

Gromble: Oh, very well! I'm giving you another assignment. And since the three of you are unwilling to work together, scare alone. IS THAT CLEAR!?


Mistress Helga: I guarantee you will find our locker rooms to be the cleanest in the city. Or my name's not Mistress Helga.

Jerry: Anybody following you, Dean?

Dean: Nobody Jerry. We're alone.

Jerry: Good. Here's the plan.


Jerry: So if anybody finds out what's wrong with the big fight, we're gonna take care of them. You got that?

Dean: Got it, boss.

Oblina: Ouch.

Jerry: Who's that?

Dean: It's a dame.

Jerry: Get her!


Krumm: I maybe onto something.

Woman: OH! A rat!

Man: Don't worry, I'll get him.


Man: Wait a minute...


Krumm: Hey, you two! Eat stench!

Oblina: Why thank you Krumm.

Krumm: No problem this is fun.

Woman: What are we gonna with it?

Man: I'm just going to play a little squash. Where's my racket?

Oblina: How do you do?

[And for her first time ever, she pulled out her organs, scaring them.]

Ickis: You saved my life, Oblina.

Oblina: It was the least I can do after Krummy saved mine.

Ickis: Where is Krumm?


Mistress Helga: I must get rid of that stench.

[Ickis then gets behind the bench. For his first time, he loomed 15 feet fall, grew his fangs and turned his eyes red. The woman screamed and rain away. Ickis saw what had happened and giggled as she shrunk back.]

Krumm: Thanks, Ickis. We'll never forget this day.

All: Together forever!

[That was the end of the flashback. But we didn't we the monsters that angry they were really...really crying. They leave their corners and come up to each other, hugging and apologizing to each other, Tears lashing down at their eyes.]

Krumm: Where would be feel without each other?

Oblina: Nowhere!

Ickis: [Sniffle, hic] I love you guys.

[Above the surface, a junkyard operator comes to the trash compactor. He turns it on, places down a chair, and sits down to read his magazine. Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm then notice the machine coming to life.]

Ickis: Oh no! We're being compacted!

[Oblina jams herself between the compacting walls, allowing Ickis and Krumm to swing up and land on the chute with a piece of string. They race back up the chute, where Krumm ties his eye to the string and tosses it, luring the dog away from them.]

Ickis: All clear, Oblina!

Oblina: (squeezing herself agains the walls) I'm stuck.

Ickis: Never fear, Oblina! (He races off.)

Krumm: I'm running out of string!

[As Krumm keeps his focus on the dog and Oblina finds herself weakening, Ickis runs up to the operator and starts looming above him. The operator screams in terror and runs off into the night. Ickis shuts off the machine, launching Oblina back into the open and hurtling herself into the dog, which Oblina ties him up to the fence with its leash. The three friends reunite once more.]

All: Together forever!

[However, the Gromble walks in and sees them in a dark.]

Gromble: And whose big idea is it to be out so late?

All: (chattering) It was his! No, it was his! It's her fault! It's his fault! It's hers! It's his!