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Rosh O' Monster is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 2nd season. It first aired on November 4, 1995.

Characters present[]


The viewfinder is down and now the monsters must tell the Gromble what took place during their last scare, but every one has a different version of the events.


The Monsters have just scared away a number of humans out of a local opera house. The return to the Monster Academy and start fighting over the viewfinder to show their scare. But they only end up breaking it and since they can't show their scare via video, they decide to tell their story instead.

Ickis is the first to tell his story and tells a tale of him sitting in his dorm drinking sour milk. Oblina tells him that she is on her way to go scaring and walks out. Ickis grows suspicious and he and Krumm follow along to get inside the opera house from earlier via the toilet in restroom. They crawl through the vent and catch Oblina on the sky-walk. Ickis talks about how Oblina was classy, yet trouble. As they get to the auditorium, they are tortured by the opera singing of the lady. But Ickis laughs and is convinced that Oblina just wants him to do her scaring for her. Oblina finally admits it and says that she never knew it would be singing. She cajoles Ickis to do her scare for her, which Ickis agrees to. As the singing continues, Ickis scares everyone out of the auditorium and Oblina tells Ickis that he is amazing.

The next scene is shown back at the academy with Oblina calling Ickis an amazing liar instead. Gromble asks Oblina if there is something she would like to say. Before telling her side of the story, Oblina tells everyone how careless and impulsive Ickis is at times.

Oblina is next to tell her story about how Ickis didn't heed her plans. As The Monsters emerge from the toilet of the opera house restroom, Ickis starts to run out, but Oblina stops him, reminding him that itis a place of humans and that he must approach them with plans. But Ickis flouts Oblina's warning, saying that rules are for monsters, and he and Krumm run out through the restroom door, with Oblina taking the vent instead. She makes it up the sky-walk over the auditorium just in time for the musical to start. Ickis and Krumm are then seen beneath the stage floor and they come across a lever, which Ickis impetuously pulls, only to find that it operates a trap door, which elevates Ickis and Krumm up to the top of the stage, with Ickis lamenting his carelessness. As they make it on the stage, Ickis and Krumm are surrounded by the singers and cry for Oblina, who transforms into "Super Monster" and flies down to scare away the humans.'

Back at the academy, Gromble is still skeptical and finally asks Krumm what really happened. Krumm says in a terse sentence "It went fine" right before Gromble coerces him to tell a more plausible story. Krumm says that his details are a little sketchy.

In Krumm's story, The Monsters emerge from a toliet of a restroom and Ickis and Oblina argue incoherently since in Krumm's perspective, he can't remember what they were arguing about. When they knock over a trash can, Krumm talks about how he tried to munch the garbage out of it, but gets interrupted by Gromble, who demands him to get to what happened. Later, The Monsters go through the vent and up the sky-walk to view the musical in the auditorium. They jump off and scare everyone out of the auditorium.

As Krumm finishes the story, the mechanic monster fixes the viewfinder and The Monsters are ordered by the Gromble to get on it to show their scare. The video shows them on the sky-walk and Ickis asks where they are. Oblina tells him that it doesn't matter and that the trio should scare someone so they can get out. When they look down, Ickis and Krumm panic since they are high up and there are too many humans below. So Ickis suggests that the trio should go somewhere else. But Oblina refuses and soon, the opera singing is heard, aggravating The Monsters and they end up falling down the stage, scaring every human away from the opera house.

Although The Monsters receive credit for their scare, they still lied to Gromble and as punishment, they have to polish all 415 of his shoes.


Cultural References[]

  • The front of the opera house at the beginning resembles the Opera-Theatre de Metz Metropole, the oldest opera house built in Metz, France by Duke de Belle-Isle in the 18th century.
  • The name of the episode comes from the name of a 50's Japanese movie, Rashomon. Both revolve around characters telling their own version of the same story.


  • This episode was released on the Paramount VHS re-release of Monsters' Night Out.