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[episode starts]

Krumm: That turn out okay.

Oblina: A rather good scare. Actually.

Ickis: Good? It was great.


Gromble: Can assume that someone has something that they would like to share?!

Oblina: Yes I do.

Ickis: Why you?

Oblina: Because..

[The viewfinder sputters]

Monter: Your viewfinder's broken.

Ickis: Your grombleness, I was thinking. Since we got such a great scare, and seeing as the viewfinder wasn't quite itself lately.

Gromble: Spit it out, Ickis!


Gromble: But...

Oblina: Yes, yes. We can tell you what happened.



Ickis: If you insist. Well, first of all, there are million monsters and every one of them as a story. Somehow, they always end up at my door.

[memory plays]

Krumm: Hey boss you got company.

Oblina: Hello, Ickis. Still drinking too much sour milk I see.


Oblina: Me? I don't have a problem.

Ickis: [narrating] Just like that she was gone. It was something mysterious about that day. The building was old and you can tell by the smell it was crawling with humans. Oblina was classy.

Ickis: So what's the trouble?

Oblina: There is no trouble darling.

[All scream]

Ickis: Oh fine now that makes sense. This whole money business is a setup. Come on say it baby.

Oblina: I didn't know there would be singing. I cannot do it without you Please? Please?

Ickis: Pretty please?


Ickis: After drop you onstage, keep your pretty head down. I'll to the scare sister.

Oblina: How can I ever repay you?

Ickis: You can sister. Just try.


Ickis: Sometimes it's so easy I wonder if it's worth it.

Oblina: You are amazing, Ickis.

[Memory ends]

Oblina: An amazing lair!

Gromble: Oblina?

Oblina: What?! Oh yes. your grombleness?

Gromble: Is there something you want to say?


[memory played]

Oblina: [narrating] I have not plan on scaring everyone in the building I have planned something safe and reasonable. But as usual Ickis had not listen to me.

Oblina: Ickis this is not a puddle full of sludge,

Ickis: Rules are for monsters.

Oblina: [narrating] There was no question Ickis was going to get himself into trouble.


Krumm: What now?

Ickis: Why are you asking me? Oh no. I have done something thoughtless that is going to get us into trouble yet again.


Both: Oblina!

Oblina: This is gonna to take more than the ordinary scaring powers of an ordinary monster. This looks like a job for Super Monster.

[Memory ends]

Oblina: There that is what happened.

Gromble: Krumm.

Krumm: Yes.


Krumm: Sure. It went fine.


Krumm: Let me see. I'm a little sketchy at the details.

[Memory plays]

Krumm: [narrating] We pop out in the title. Oblina and Ickis are arguing about something I don't remember what. But I do remember when they both bump into a trash can and knocked it over and the trash can was filled all sorts of stuff. Some of it looks pretty tasty.

Gromble: MR. KRUMM!

Krumm: Sorry.

Gromble: Just tell us what happened.

Krumm: Okay okay. Let me see. We left the title room and went up the long pipe and came up a wave of all the humans.

[Memory ended]

Krumm: And then we came back here. and that's it. Does that help?

Mechanic Monster: Your viewfinder is fixed.

Gromble: Thank you.

[The Gromble points at Ickis, Krumm and Oblina, cutting to them sitting on the viewfinder.]

Ickis: I already told you what happened.

Oblina: No! I did.

[Now that the viewfinder is fixed, we reveal the true memory.]

Ickis: Where are we?

Oblina: It does not matter let us just scare someone and get back to the dump.

Krumm: But I don't see anyone?

Ickis: I do.

Krumm: Wow! We're really high up.

Ickis: And there are an awful lot of humans down there. Let's try somewhere else.

Krumm: Yeah somewhere lower.

Ickis: And lest crowded.

Oblina: No. I refuse to give up so easily.

Ickis: [whimpers] Let's give up!


[The singing begins. The monsters moan squeal. Krumm starts to fall over.]

Krumm: Oblina, help!

Oblina: Ickis!


Krumm: That turn out okay.

Oblina: A rather good scare. Actually.

Ickis: Good? It was great.


Ickis: I thought I had told the pretty good story.