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She Likes Me?

She Likes Me? is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters present[]


Krumm is dumbfounded when he believes that Oblina likes him as more than a friend.


At the monster lunch room, Ickis and Krumm are sitting at the table with Kriggle, Urbab, and Uwapo discussing female monsters. Oblina comes around and offers Krumm her dessert right before leaving. The other monsters tell Krumm that Oblina has a squish the monster jargon for crush on him. But Ickis and Krumm deny this and say that Oblina is only their friend. As the others leave, Ickis and Krumm leave as well to accomplish a scare. Krumm is still wondering if Oblina having a squish on him is true. But Ickis tells him that he and Oblina wouldn't be a good couple and Krumm hesitantly agrees.

Later, Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina scare away a human man out of his bathtub as he runs through the streets completely naked. Oblina compliments Krumm's scaring method and Krumm is perplexed as to what she meant by her compliment as The Monsters head back home via toilet.

At the dorm room, Oblina offers Krumm a big glass of water to put his eyes into. She leaves to the academy to check the pair scare assignment list implemented by The Gromble. Krumm tells Ickis that he feels that Oblina really does have a squish on him. Ickis tells him that maybe it's because he spends a lot of time with Oblina and the only way to break this is by completely avoiding her.

However, as the two monsters walk through the hallways to check out the pair scare assignment list on the bulletin board, Oblina tells Krumm that he is her partner for the pair scare assignment. Ickis interrupts and tells her that Krumm has to help him gather gunk from the dump. While outside the dump, Krumm is now in a dilemma since the pair scare is a major hindrance to avoiding Oblina. So Ickis suggests that Krumm should ask the Gromble if he could partner with someone else since the Gromble understands a lot and always yells.

This does not go as planned as the Gromble laughs at the fact that Oblina has a squish on Krumm and the young monster leaves in disappointment. He hides inside the freezer of the dorm room, and Ickis tells him that he has brought Dizzle along to help him practice telling Oblina about his true feelings to her. While they practice, Oblina overhears this and leaves them in peace at the fact that Krumm has a squish on Dizzle.

At Mondo Manny's Miniature Golf course, Krumm is about to tell how he really feel about Oblina when Oblina tell him that she knows exactly how he feels, saying that she is lucky to have him for a partner. The two attempt to do their scares at the Super Bonus Black Hole golf course and scare away a man and his son. Krumm is smacked inside the hole and Oblina hops in with him. When Oblina tells Krumm that he was magnificent, Krumm attempts to exit the hole, only for Oblina to pull him back inside as the two roll inside the machine. As Oblina tells Krumm that she understands that Krumm isn't comfortable with a female monster having strong feelings for him, Krumm finally blurts out that he doesn't have a squish on Oblina. Oblina tells him that the only reason she offers him dessert and compliments him is because he is her friend. The two then walk through the sewer pipes and laugh together on their way back home.