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Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from season 3. It first aired on October 5, 1996.

Characters present[]


Oblina is left in charge with the Gromble absent and clashes with Ickis during the worst possible time, a flood in the dump.


During a stormy night, The Gromble is inside his room preparing to take a trip to the Annual Academy Teachers Convention when Oblina walks in and is lead to the academy, where the headmaster tells his students about the trip and states that Oblina is left in charge of them. As The Gromble leaves, the other monsters continue to horseplay, only to finally stop when Oblina yells "Stop It!" She orders them to read their monster manuals and tells them that afterwards, they can eat a meal and exercise.

During lunch, Oblina lines the students in alphabetical order by names to get their lunch. Meanwhile, the storm has caused a flood in the city streets and the inside of the monsters' school begins to inundate with water. Back in the lunchroom, Oblina tries to persuade an obstinate Ickis to eat worms, which Ickis asks Oblina to get for him. As Oblina walks to get the worms, Ickis throws sludge in her face, instigating a sludge fight, which quickly stops after Oblina shouts out her terse demand. For a few more seconds, the sludge fight resumes and Oblina finally runs into the other room. A leak then falls onto Krumm, who is the first to take notice of the flooded lunchroom.

The other monsters go to Oblina to warn her about the flood and ask her to find dry land before Gromble returns. Oblina tells the monsters that she will take care of the problem on her own and the monsters leave to go through the exit. But when Krumm opens it, pouring water splashes inside, prompting Krumm to quickly close it. Meanwhile, Oblina is inside the Gromble's room to find the Big Book of Emergencies and reads through it to search for floods. Her reading is later interrupted when she sees the Gromble's tub overflowing and tries to swim away. She tears off a page of the book and swims out of the room. She tries to open an emergency door to escape through, only to have Ickis warn her of what would happened if she opened the door. Oblina tries to convince him that the door leads the monsters to safety, but Ickis suggests that the monsters should built a boat to row through the sewers. Oblina apologizes to the monsters for her sassiness and asks a group of them for assistance to open the door. Another group of monsters help Ickis build a boat to float to the sewers. While the monsters continue to work for their freedom, Krumm goes through the exit way to see why the dump is flooding. He comes across a sewer under him and throws one of his eyeballs into it. His eyeball comes across a bunch of junk blocking the sewage pipe, which has caused the flood in the first place. He goes down the sewer and starts moving all the junk away from the sewage pipe.

Meanwhile, one group of monsters struggle to open the emergency door and the other group finally finishes building the boat, which appears to be too big to fit through the opening hallway. The monsters successfully get the emergency door open, only to get splashed by more water. Oblina begins to drown while in the water and Ickis swims over to save her. He helps her inside the boat and the monsters begin to ride it. But their prospects of escaping quickly ends in failure as the boat begins to sink. While Ickis and Oblina apologize to each other, the water suddenly sinks down the drain. Krumm comes around to tell the monsters that the sewers were clogged right before he unclogged it and says that they would've figured it out had they not been arguing. The monsters decide to clean up the place and finish just in time when the Gromble returns. He walks into the dorm room to find the monsters fast asleep and is pleased of the tranquility. As he opens the door to his room, the screen fades to black as he is splashed by water and yells for assistance during the end credits.


  • Ickis has no ears when he says "There it is." during the scene where the monsters just finishing the boat called "The Ickis".