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[episode starts]

Gromble: QUIET! [The monsters stopped.] Now hear this, my miniature maggots. I will be at the annual academy teacher's convention for the next couple of days. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and quietly, [sternly] I am leaving Oblina in charge.

Oblina: We shall not let you down.

Gromble: Let's hope not. Ta-ta! Be good little monsters while I'm gone. [laughs, but then comes back once more with a stern look.] Or else.

[The Gromble leaves]

[Monsters start celebrating.]

Oblina: [strict] STOP IT! Alrighty there. We shall have plenty of time for that later. Now is the time for reading our monster's manuals and after we have all learned what we have to learn for today, then we shall have a wonderfully quick but nourishing meal and then have an inviturating exercise.

Ickis: Krumm, I think we've got a problem.

Oblina: Ickis. When we want to speak, we raise our hands!

Ickis: Now I know we have a problem.


Oblina: Now, how hard could that be? I said alphabetical order. Bebbi, you are supposed to be here by Blib. Krumm, you are not supposed to be up with Ickis. Now go stand by Kriggle.

Ickis: C'mon, it's like two places. I do not see why Krumm just can't

Oblina: Hands, Ickis. When we want to speak, we raise our hands.

Ickis: I'll give you hands.

[Outside, the dump started to get flooded and so did the rest of the city.]

Oblina: Um, you did not get any worms.

Ickis: I don't like worms.

Oblina: You should have worms. They are good for you.

Ickis: I don't like worms.

Oblina: I think you know who is right here, Ickis and a precious lunch is the golden stone of an effective scaring.

Ickis: You're right, Oblina. Worms are good for me and like 'em or not, I should have some every single day. I guess that's why you're in charge.

Oblina: That is right.

Ickis: Oblina, would you do me a really big favor, please? Would you just get them for me?

Oblina: But of course I will. Hello, would you be kind enough to-- [gets hit by sludge] Why, you stanky little--

[She gets hit by sludge.]

Monster: Sludge fight!

[The Monsters started throwing sludge.]

Oblina: Do you hear me?! STOP!

[She gets hit again and stumbled backwards]

Ickis: Oblina, we're going above ground. We are going to wait some place dry until The Gromble comes back.

Oblina: I am in charge now. I shall take care of the problem.

Ickis: Oblina, this is serious.

Oblina: And so am I. Now away, if you shall. I am going to solve this problem and save the academy.

Ickis: You have lost it, sister. You're a nut.

Oblina: And you are a coward!

Ickis: Stick!

Oblina: Bunny!

Ickis: Come on. We're out of here.

Krumm: You'’re just gonna leave her?

Ickis: Come on, Oblina. Please just come with us!

Oblina: Go on, little bunny rabbit.

Ickis: I give you freedom. Krumm, open the door.

[Krumm opens the door only for the water to spew everywhere]

Ickis: Close it! Close it!

Krumm: Now what?

Oblina: Aha! The big book of emergencies. Let's see. Let's see, asteroids, butterflies, cats, dogs, eggs, Eggs? Fires, floods... Wait, floods.

[Before Oblina can do anything, she interrupted when she sees Gromble's tub overflowing. She gasps and water spurts everywhere. She screams, and tries to swim away. She tears off a page of the book and swims out of the room. She tries to open an emergency door to escape through]

Ickis: Wait! Do you know what happens when you open doors? You would if you were here with us at the washer. You open the door and...

All: Kerplash.

Oblina: Chances are this door leads to some place safe we can stay, a shelter or... Mm-hmm. Or...

Ickis: Or you open a door and the room fills with water and that's it.

Oblina: Well, then what do you propose we do?

Ickis: We'll go to the sewer.

Kringle: But the sewer leads to the river.

Urbab: Which I believe leads to the ocean.

Oblina: And I cannot swim!

Ickis: We won't have to swim. We'll build a boat. That's it, a boat! We'll paddle right down the hall to the sewer then it's on to the river and some place safe. Who's with me?

[everyone agrees.]

Oblina: Look, I am sorry I was so bossy. Please, read the door. This makes sense. Help me, please. All righty. Now, we do not have much time. Irbaum, get the biggest, longest stick you can find. Sloop, go with him. Come on. Move it. I take it back, sorry. I take it back. I will not be bossy, I promise. Promise. Please!

Krumm: Does anyone know why the dump is flooding? Maybe if we figured that out...


Krumm: There's gotta be a way from there. Good luck, buddy.


Krumm: So that's the problem. Well, here it goes!

[He slides in the pipe and to the soruve of the blockage.]

Ickis: There it is! His monster ship, the Ickis.

Oblina: And now that you have finished your boat, where is it going to go?

Ickis: We will float right out-- just under the-- you know, we'll just squeeze. It came out rather nicely, don't you think?

Oblina: Listen, all right, Ickis. If we all work together, we can get the door open, please.

Ickis: But what if there's water behind it?

Oblina: There is no water behind it. What if there is...

Ickis: Then you'll need my boat. So we open your door.

Oblina: And pedal out in your boat. Yes! If there is water back there. I knew it. We are free.

[The door opens and water burst through.]

Oblina: Ickis! I can't swim!

[Ickis jumps into the water and grabs Oblina by the hair and places her back on the boat.]

Ickis: Forward paddle!


Monsters: Uh oh,...

[The boat started to sink.]

Ickis: You know. All of a sudden our little disagreement seems sort of silly. I'm sorry, Oblina. I shouldn't have.

Oblina: No, no. I am sorry, Ickis. I could have been so much more, I don't know, fun-loving. If we make it through this, I shall never, never never...


Ickis: Never what?

Oblina: Never mind.

Ickis: What happened?

Krumm: The sewer was clogged. That's why the dump was flooded. You guys would have figured it out, but you were too busy arguing over who was in charge.


Ickis: What are you doing?

Krumm: Cleaning up.


Gromble: Yoo hoo, I'm home!

Monster: Its the Gromble. Let's beat it!

Gromble: Hello? Hello? How sweet-- so quiet and so orderly. I guess it was silly of me to worry. Ah, home.


The Gromble: Monster overboard! Help! Oh, this is awful! This is absolutely awful! I think-- who has the water pump? Oh no. Get me out of here! Emergency! My pumps are getting wet! Oh, I'm a soggy mess! Look at me! My pumps are drenched.