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Showdown is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from Season 4.

Characters present[]

  • Ickis
  • Simon
  • Stic Snowdon
  • Bones Duvalier
  • Cimmarron Kilkenny


Simon hires three of the best hunters to finally capture Ickis, but he must work with his enemy when the hunters decide to take Ickis as their own.


Inside a warehouse at the ocean docks on a rainy and stormy night, a trio of hunters (Stic Snowdon, an Australian hunter, Bones Duvalier, a motorcycle driver, and Cimarron Kilkenny, a cowgirl) get a telegram from Simon, saying that he's looking for the world's greatest hunter. As the three hunters argue over who is the best hunter, Simon appears and tells them that they are going to catch a monster. They hunters laugh at this, but soon agrees with Simon's demands when he offers a bag of money to whoever catches the monster. To demonstrate what the monster looks like, Simon also shows them a picture of Ickis and gives them old material to search for the monster.

The three hunters later run out of the warehouse, with Simon tagging along, and finally spot Ickis in the process. Stic tries to capture Ickis with a net and runs into a dumpster while chasing him. Cimarron chases after him on her horse and winds up getting tied to a toxic container. As Ickis tries to find his way out, Bones rides his motorcycle to the monster, and Ickis, having enough of this, looms into size. Bones trips over Ickis' foot and is launched off his motorcycle over the wall and lands onto the other two hunters. Ickis continues to find his way back to the dump.

Meanwhile, Simon returns inside the warehouse and admonishes the hunters for their failure and it isn't long before they tell Simon that they are no longer interested in the money, also adding that the monster is "history." When they walk away, Simon decides that he has to stop them from catching Ickis. So while Simon prepares himself to face the three hunters, the three hunters continue to chase Ickis around to capture him. When they finally corner the defenseless monster, Simon swings through the crane and rescues Ickis from the hunters. The two land on the docks and run away from the hunters. When the hunters finally grab Ickis, Simon hangs from the rope of a crane and grabs Ickis as the hunters land onto an upcoming ship.

Simon then brags about how only he could catch a monster and Ickis agrees, only to realize what he just said, and he runs away when Simon tries to make a grab from him. As Ickis runs away, Simon reminds him that he will catch him one day and have him on TV to show the whole world that monsters are real.


  • This is the second/last episode in which Krumm and Oblina are absent in, making Ickis the only main character to appear, since "The Great Escape".
  • Final appearance of Simon.
  • At the end credits, after the second segment of this episode, Simon is heard talking about how he will catch a monster and make them do certain tricks. This is heard once more in the Nickelodeon logo.