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Shum is a monster student at The Monster Academy.


Shum is small and purple with very large eyes, teal lips, and a segmented exoskeleton similar to an isopod. In Krumm Goes Hollywood it is shown that Shum's face can be pulled away from his body attached via a coil.

Featured Appearances[]

The Switching Hour: Shum is among the students planning to sneak out for Halloween. He and Frunk are planning to exit via the main drainage pipe.

Krumm Goes Hollywood: Durig a lesson, Shum asks The Gromble if his current rantings would be on the test, to which The Gromble responds by pulling Shum's face off and stuffing papers in his head.

Monsters Are Fun: Shum appears on The Gromble's class ranking chart at #5

Shum is seen in the background of many other episodes. Often sitting in the front row of the middle-right column in the Lecture Hall, next to Sloolup.