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Side by Side

Side by Side is an Aaahh!!! Real Monsters episode from the 4th season.

Characters present[]


Ickis must work with his least favorite monster, Zimbo, in order to pass an important class.


At the Monster Academy, the students line up to pick names of the monster they will get paired with, for the Gromble feels that they must collaborate with any other monster in order to prevail against humans. So Ickis reluctantly grabs a name out of the bag and gets Zimbo, much to the dismay of both Ickis and Zimbo himself.

The two arrive at a Junker Chemical factory and Zimbo attempts to do the scaring himself, refusing to heed Gromble's order. He and Ickis then get into a physical altercation and fall into the tub of toxic waste, being sucked through the vacuum tube and into the truck in the process as well.

The two workers drive their truck through the desert and dump the waste out, along with Ickis and Zimbo. The truck drives away, and Ickis and Zimbo end up bickering and accusing each other for their failure. They isolate their selves from each other and attempt to find their way back home. But the blazing sun compels the two to collaborate to find their way home just for a while.

As they travel, they end up dehydrated and slump to the ground helplessly. Zimbo then spots a giant toilet and he and Ickis run over to it, only to realize that it is really a mirage. Ickis then spots Mule Morgan's Mystery Spot and he and Zimbo run inside. Ickis devises a plan to scare the humans inside and escape through the toilet. Zimbo, making sure that Ickis doesn't screw up, decides to scare the human named Mule Morgan. When Morgan takes a look at Zimbo, he runs out of his barn and gets an idea. So he grabs a net and decides to capture Ickis and Zimbo. The two run away and end up falling off the edge of a cliff. When the two spot a train, Zimbo catches it and leaves Ickis behind. As Ickis manages to hop onto the train, Zimbo attempts to leave through the toilet, only for it to lead him to the bottom of the train and he is back outside of the track as Ickis smugly waves at him while taking the ride on the train. Ickis, however, gets qualms of leaving Zimbo behind while he takes a ride on the train. So he hops off the train and searches for Zimbo.

As night falls, Ickis arrives at Mule Morgan's Mystery Spot and finds Zimbo locked inside a cage. Morgan discovers this and attempts to stuff the two monsters with sawdust. So Zimbo flies away and scares the man by pretending to be a floating cow's head, causing the man to run away.

At the Monster Academy, Zimbo acknowledges the fact that he and Ickis have no scare to show the Gromble on the viewfinder at an attempt to hide the fact that he did a nice thing for Ickis. So the Gromble has The Snorch punish the two for failing to cooperate by playing bubble bagpipe music while Ickis and Zimbo begin bickering again.


  • Oblina and Krumm only appear in the beginning and second time do not have speaking lines in this episode.
  • This serves as the final speaking role of Zimbo.


  • At one point at the beginning of the episode, The Snorch's eyes are white.