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[episode starts]

Zimbo: Come along. You're holding up the line.

Ickis: I don't understand why we'd have to draw our names anyway. We already do team scares. Krumm, Oblina and me are a great team.

Gromble: You must be prepared to work with any monster, any place, any time. Co-operation is the name of the game. In this world, it's monsters against humans. And monsters MUST ALWAYS WIN!

Zimbo: So you must choose. Choose. [Laughs] And I pity that unfortunate monster who must work with you.

[Ickis goes to the bag and picks one out of it. It's revealed to be Zimbo.]

Ickis: Zimbo, Zimbo?!

Both: But, but, but...

Gromble: NO BUTS! That's your assignment.

[Ickis and Zimbo are shocked.]


Doug: So, bob, where we dumping The toxic waste today?

Bob: Oh, gee, I don't know, Doug. It's a nice day for a drive. We'll go see them

giant dinosaurs. You know, the one you can climb In its belly?

Ickis: There's our scare. I will loom from the left. You buzz in overhead.

Zimbo: Oh, save your planning. Zimbo will die before he helps you. Zimbo will do this simple scare himself.

Ickis: But the Gromble said...

Zimbo: Ha! For the Gromble. Zimbo needs no one. Watch it and learn it.

Ickis: Oh, yeah? You watch and learn, buzzo.


Doug: You hear that?

Bob: Hear what? Let's roll.

[ ???]

Zimbo: Where are we?

Ickis: Lost! Picking your name is the worst thing That's ever happened to me!

Zimbo: The feeling is mutual. I will be happy never to see your face again.

Ickis: Really? Well, not as happy as I am! I don't care what the Gromble said, I am going home. And don't even think about following me.

Zimbo: Zimbo would not dream of it. Zimbo will find his own way home.


Zimbo: Well, perhaps we will travel together. For just a little while longer.


Ickis: We'll never make it. We're gonna die. Out here all alone.

Zimbo: Maybe you are, but not Zimbo. I will fly to the giant toilet And be saved!

Ickis: Where did it go?! It must be here somewhere.

Zimbo: [Spitting] You fool. Don't you see? It was a mirage. A trick of the sun A playing with our minds. We are doomed.

Ickis: No, we're not. Look!

Man: and so I sneaked up behind the elusive jackelope As he hopped through the desert-- hop, hop, hop. Oh, I was lucky to catch this little sucker. Because they're wily little devils, wily.

Father: This place is a rip.

Man: Hey, wait, you ain't paid me. Ah, who am I kidding, huh? The day of the jackelope is over. What this place needs is some real freaks of nature.

Ickis: Oh, there it is, civilization at last. All we have to do is scare the old guy Get to the toilet, and we're home free.

Zimbo: Not to worry. To make sure you do not mess it up again Zimbo will take it from here. Ah... Boo!

Old man: [ Screams] monster bee! Monsters in my barn! Monsters in my barn! Monsters in my barn? Whee! Monsters in my barn. ♪ Monsters in my barn.

Zimbo: Since I have saved you I will have the honor to go first.

Ickis: Saved me? I saved you!

Old man: Hold still, you freaks of nature. I'm going to be rich.


Ickis: Hey, hey, you can't leave me! You can't leave me!

Zimbo: Let go! Let go!

Old man: I'll get you, and stuff you monsters for my collection. I have sawdust with your name on it.

You'll never escape!

Zimbo: I have saved us... [ Panting] Just as I said I would.

Ickis: Oh, yeah? Oh, like we're so safe here In the middle of nowhere! Oh, sure we got all the sand we could possibly want! Plenty of nice, hot sunshine! Really sharp prickly trees!

Zimbo: And a way home.

Ickis: Zimbo, help me! Help me, Zimbo!


Zimbo: Hasta la vista, my little purple friend.


Zimbo: You are too late. I am on my way home.


Zimbo: Ickis, help me! Help me.

Ickis: Ha ha-ha ha ha ha! And hasta la vista to you My obnoxious little friend! Who am I kidding? He'll be fine. Who am I kidding? He won't be fine. I got to help him! On "three." One...

[ mack!]

Ickis: [ Whimpering]: oh, no! The old man's got him. He's going to stuff zimbo and put him on display. I got to, I got to...


Ickis: Oops, pardon me.


Zimbo: Save me, ickis. Save me?

I will do anything if you will save Little helpless zimbo. Anything at all.

Old man: Bunny monster came back To save bee monster Did you? I knew you would. That's why I built a brand-new home, just for you. So, open up wide. I've got some nice, fresh sawdust To stuff you with!

Ickis: Wait!

Old man: Okay, a monster bunny Will do me just fine.


Zimbo [with deep voice]: Mule Morgan! No more stuffing little animals. No more, you nasty, nasty man. Or we will rise up and... Get you!


Gromble: Good morning, class. I don't know about you But I'm dying to see What marvels of cooperation our teams have wrought. Zimbo, Ickis, amaze us.

Zimbo: Pertaining to our scare Your horrific Grombleness-- looking beautiful-- We unfortunately found ourselves unable to cooperate. He has no scare to show... Me, too.

Ickis: What are you saying? We have a great scare to show.

Zimbo: Shh, if I show that scare to the class Everyone will see that Zimbo was weak enough To do a nice thing for a friend. My reputation will be ruined.

Ickis: I do not care. If you won't show the scare, I will.

Gromble: Snorch, teach these two a lesson in teamwork, would you?


Ickis: Will you stop pushing, you oaf!

Zimbo: You insolent bunny rabbit! Zimbo is leading! You know nothing of the fine art of dancing. You are talking to the flower of madrid.

Ickis: Oh, what are you talking about?