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Simon's Big Score

Simon's Big Score is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 3rd season.

Characters present[]


Ickis, Oblina and Krumm sneak into Simon's house to scare him. After the scare, Simon seems to know the monster's whereabouts. He shows up when they least expect it. How is he doing that?


During nighttime, Simon is sleeping at his house with the tape recorder of him shouting out his attempt to divulge monsters' existence to everyone. Ickis, Oblina and Krumm sneak into his house to scare him in deference to the Gromble, who is convinced that Simon is probably up to something. When The Monsters sneak into the monster hunter's room, Oblina turns off the tape recorder and says in the ear "The monster will bite my head off." Simons all of a sudden wakes up to find Ickis on the bed posed in his scare mode. Simon screams and hops off his bed, only to slip on Krumm's eyeballs and fall to the floor. The Monsters escape through the toilet and Simon checks his pizza box to find the bugs that were crawling all over it are gone (due to Krumm eating them). The bugs were used as bait, and Simon now has The Monsters where he wants them.

At the Beer 'N' Bun fast food restaurant, Oblina scares away a driver in the drive thru while posing as a voice box. When she sees another car, she attempts to repeat the same task twice, only to get flashed with a camera by Simon, who is revealed to be the driver of the car. Ickis and Krumm close the window on Simon's hands and Krumm swallows the camera. The Monster attempt to leave, leaving Simon with his hands still stuck onto the car door window.

At the dentist, The Monsters scare a patient out of the room after the dentist leaves. They then encounter Simon, who attempts to catch them. The Monsters escape, and Simon is mistaken for the patient The Monsters scared away earlier by the dentist, who works on his teeth.

The video is shown at the Monster Academy, and the Gromble is getting annoyed of the impromptu appearances Simons makes as the monsters learn that Simon knows their whereabouts, saying that the only way he could know is because someone is telling him. So Zimbo and The Snorch try to figure out who is telling Simon about The Monsters' whereabouts by checking every monster of the academy until they confess, but later takes it back when the Gromble asks Zimbo why anyone would confess. So the Gromble informs the monsters to watch their backs since someone has betrayed them.

Later, Simon is seen inside his tracking truck disguised as an ice cream truck listening to The Monsters' dialogue of who could be the traitor. Krumm swallows a toothbrush and the inside of his body reveals a tracking device, facilitating Simon's prospects to catch them.

At the Disco skating rink, The Monsters attempt to scare the humans on roller skates, and Krumm hears a beeping sound as he notices Simon skating on the rink as well, trying to track down The Monsters. The monster hunter crashes into a glass window and the Monsters escape to the hallway. They start accusing each other of telling Simon their whereabouts and Krumm ends up swallowing his own eyes. He spots the tracking device inside his body and The Monsters, now learning how Simon knows where they are, later devise a plan for their next scare as a trap for Simon, with Simon listening to their plans in his truck.

At the Colo See-Um auditorium, The Monsters pretend to plan their next scare to get Simon to follow them. The monster hunter uses his tracking device to orient them and comes across tunnel 13, where The Monsters lead him to a ladder with a trap door in the ceiling. above the announcer unsuccessfully tries to have a spectator last five minutes for $500, He raises the prize to $1,000 to last two minutes. Simon ends up in the boxing ring with a wrestler named Mad Dog, who pummels him as The Monsters listen through the trap door. As the fight goes on, Ickis apologizes to Oblina for suspecting her, saying he should have known better. Oblina tells him that the situation brought out the worst in all of them. Krumm agrees and tell his friends that they should start heading back. Ickis wants to hear more of the fight, Krumm says "No problem", spitting out his tracking device and places it onto the door as The Monsters leave. Simon, still serving the beating from Mad Dog off-screen, saying that he will get them if it's the last thing he does, and it wasn't known whether or not Simon got the thousand dollars.