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[Episode starts]

Simon: [sleeping] brave and capable. . Prove monsters 'sist.

Oblina: All clear.

Ickis: This place gives me the creeps. Of all people, why do we have to scare Simon, the monster hunter? I mean, it's been done.

Oblina: The gromble thinks simon is being too quiet. He could be up to something. Besides, it's fun-fun.

Krumm: Wow. My favorite. Look at them run. They taste better scared.

Oblina: Yes, Krumm. they look absolutely scrumptious But we have a job to do!

Krumm: Alright. Sorry

Simon: Catch a monster...

Oblina: And the monster will bite my head off.

Simon: And the monster will bite my [wakes up] HEAD OFF!?

Ickis: Hi, there.


Ickis: Aahh your self.

Simon: I'll get you little-whoa! You little.. oh.. One day...Yes! They took the bait! I have you now, monsters! You're mine!


Oblina: May I take your order?

Woman: You can never understand these people. What did you say? Speak clearly!

Oblina: I said, may I take your order? What do yousay? Youspeak clearly!

Ickis: That was beautiful.

Krumm: Another Oblina classic!

Oblina: Mm-hmm, it was almost too easy.

Krumm: We could find something more challenging.

Ickis: Here comes another car.

Oblina: I said almost too easy one more time.

Ickis: Alright. We're in.

Krumm: Battle stations everyone.


Simon: Smile pretty monster! [continues taking pictures]

Ickis: Simon!

Krumm: He's taking pictures. We got to stop him.


Ickis: Oblina, are you okay?

Oblina: [woozy] Big... Purpley spots.

Krumm: Let's get out of here.


Dentist: Now, let's get a mold of your teeth. This won't hurt a bit. So how's the family? Glad to hear it. Now this will take just a few minutes. So I'll be right back.

Ickis: Say ahh.

Krumm: Hello.

Oblina: Drop something?

Krumm: This is really tasty. I wonder if there's any more?

Ickis: Okay, one little snack And then we should get back to the dump.

Oblina: Yes our work is though here.

Simon: but mine is just... Beginning.

All: Simon!

Simon: There's no escape, monsters!

Dentist: Hey, now, there's nothing in there for you.

Simon: You let go of me! You-

Dentist: Oh, don't get shy on me now. You'll thank me when you see your beautiful new smile.

Simon: Stop that! Let go of me!


Gromble: This is getting redundant. Another scare in which That meddlesome monster hunter Makes a cameo appearance.

Krumm: He's been in every scare this week.

Oblina: It is really rather annoying.

Ickis: It's as if he knows where we're going to be.

Gromble: Oh, ickis! You never fail to surprise me With your incredible grasp Of the obvious! Of course he knows Because someone is telling him! The question is, who? Which one of you is it?

Zimbo: You're grombleness, I have a plan. Snorch and myself are quite adroit At coaxing confessions Out of the most reluctant conspirators. We propose to lacerate To pierce, wring out And chaf every monster in this class Until someone fesses up.

Gromble: Ooh, and what will you do with the culprit?

Zimbo: Something ten times worse.

Gromble: Uh-huh, but knowing that Why would anyone confess?

Zimbo: I did not say the plan Was completely without the bugaboos.

Gromble: Well, I'll take it under consideration.Until then, I suggest you watch your backs. There is a traitor among you.


Oblina: to think that one of our own betrayed us.

Krumm: Who is it?

Simon: Ha! You betrayed yourself, you little bug-eaters!

Ickis: Everyone knew we were going to the tooth doctor. It could be anyone.

Oblina: All right, we won't tell anyone where we are going.

Krumm: Good idea.

Simon: Oh yeah. That'll work. ♪ I got you, I got you! ♪ I'm going to get you monster, monster-monster-monster-- ♪ ♪ Gotcha-gotcha-gotcha!

Boy: Can I have an ice cream sandwich?

Simon: Sorry, kid. We're all out.

Boy: I'll take a doodle-pop instead.

Simon: Beat it, shrimp! Look kid... Look kid...

Announcer: ...and couple skate.

Oblina: Here's the plan. Ickis, you dash across the floor Spinning your head.

Ickia: All right, little miss bossy. But are you sure about this? They're going pretty fast. They are all wearing Little movers on their feet.

Krumm: it doesn't look so bad... Uh-oh.

Oblina: What what?

Krumm: Take a look.

Girl: Hey, buzz off, weirdo.

Announcer: ...and change direction.

[Simon crashes into the post]

Oblina: I told you to not to tell anyone.

Krumm: I didn't tell anyone.

Oclina: Then it was you, Ickis! You couldn't keep a secret.

Ickis: I didn't tell anyone. I didn't even know where we were going Until just before we left. Wait-- it was youridea to come here.

Oblina: So! [gasps] You think I told Simon?

Ickis: Yes, yes, I am-- I am just saying It's suspicious.

Oclina: How dare you.

Krumm: Hey, c'mon, now, we're friends. Friends don't fight.

Ickis: Come to think of it, krumm You were anxiousto come here tonight.

Krumm: That's it! Put em' up! Come on, come on, come on.

Oblina: Cut it out, Krummy.

Krumm: Uh-oh.

Oblina: Oh, not again.

Krumm: Hey, I was wrong, I do have room for dessert. What's that?

Ickis: What's what?

Oblina: all right then, it is decided. Tomorrow night we scare the guard humans At the civic auditorium.

Ickis: and this time,we have got to be careful.

Krumm: yeah, that simon is a pretty smart human.

Simon: At last. They're starting to respect me. Me! And soon... The worldwill respect me. Me-he-he! Simon! The greatest monster hunter To ever walk the earth. What's going on?


Ickis: Well, we're here.

Oblina: This look good. Tunnel 13.

Krumm: Which tunnel is this?

Oblina: 13. 13. How many times I must tell you? Tunnel 13.

Simon: Right behind you, monsters. I'm so close.

Ickis: Look, this leads to a trap door.

Krumm: Let's see where it goes.

Oblina: Oh, pooey. This is just a room With no windows or doors.

Krumm: And no plumbing.

Simon: Perfect! They're trapped.

Announcer: Tonight, we are offering $ To anyone who spends five minutes in the ringWith mad dog! We'll make it $ , For two minutes in the ring with mad dog! Anyone?

Simon: Aha! I got you-

Announcer: We have a challenger!

Simon: Sir, excuse me. What's going on here?

Mad Dog: I'm going to make you hurt all over.

Simon: Ww... wait, you mis... Myname is Simon-

Krumm: I guess we don't have to worry About simon for a while.

Ickis: Bliny, I'm sorry for suspecting you. I should have known better.

Oblina: Oh, Icky. his brought out the worst in all of us. Let's put it behind us, shall we?

Krumm: We should start heading back.

Ickis: No, I wanna hear more of the fight!

Krumm: No problem.

Simon: You don't understand! I'll get you monsters!