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Simon D. Hunter

"I'm good, I'm good, I'm really, really good, I'm better than good, I'm BAD!"

-One of Simon's giddy ramblings

Simon D. Hunter is the main antagonist from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. He is a monster hunter who is constantly on the lookout for monsters from The Monster Academy, specially Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm.


He is a human that wants to prove to the world that monsters exist. Simon's various contraptions are often activated by a vocal commandment often beginning with "Simon says". The human population that surrounds him sees Simon as a loonatic, and he's rarely ever taken in a serious context because of this.

Cooltoons Bio[]

Simon is a monster hunter. Although the world at large doesn't believe they exist, Simon has devoted his entire life to the capture and exposure of a real monster... if it's the last thing he ever does! His encounters with Ickis and the other students at The Gromble's school have only strengthened his resolve, despite his constant failures to successfully carry out any of his schemes. Simon remains one of the monsters most devious foes, but like any human, he can be greatly influenced by a good scare.


Simon has a brown coat, black circular glasses and wears blue jeans. He has peach-colored skin and pink lips. His unkempt hair is grayish-black with a hint of green and splits in the middle.


  • He has a lock on his toilet bowl.
  • He normally has his desktop computer set on a game called "Monster Saver".
  • He often sleeps to a Hypno-Sleep track he recorded of himself saying phrases such as "I am brave and capable!", "I will PROVE that monsters exist!" and "One day, I WILL catch a monster!"
  • Ickis was once sucked into his cranium.
    • Ickis' footsteps may still be in there.
  • He could be named after Simon Belmont from the Castlevania franchise, who is also a monster hunter (specifically, a vampire hunter).
  • According to his driver's license in "Battle of the Century", his full name is Simon D. Hunter.