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Simon Strikes Back

Simon Strikes Back is the first part of the thirteenth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1.

Characters present[]


The host of a talk show offers Bradley, Murray, and Simon (all previous scare victims) a brand new car and 1 million dollars if they bring a monster at the talk show within 1 week. This gets Ickis captured, and he has to help the first person he scared.


A host at a TV talk show called Monster Citings, which has victims who have dealt with the monsters' scaring, which includes Bradley (from the episode Monsters, Get Real), Murray (from the episode Monsters Don't Dance), and Simon (from the episode Monster Hunter). The host (still in denial of monsters' existence) offers the contestants a brand new car and 1 million dollars if they bring a monster at the talk show within a week. After the talk show, Bradley walks alongside Simon talking about the monsters. The other humans are at their homes checking for monsters.

Later, at a local park, Ickis scares away a human, but ends up getting scared of the human's pet poodle. When this is shown on video back at the Monster Academy, The Gromble chastises Ickis for being scared of the poodle. The three monsters are later seen searching through the dump and Krumm and Oblina tell a distraught Ickis that everyone gets scared of something sometimes. Simon spots the monsters discreetly and attempts to catch them, only to find that there are more humans at the dump hunting for monsters. When the family spot Ickis walking through the dump, Simon traps the young monster in a cage, stores the cage in the back of his truck, and drives off. Krumm hops onto the truck and throws Oblina one of his eyeballs.

When Simons gets to his house, he calls Bradley to tell him that he caught a monster. Krumm sneaks through the house to rescue Ickis from the cage, only to get caught by Simon as well. Oblina and the other monsters try to sneak through the house, but also fall victim to Simon's trap. While the monsters are imprisoned, Oblina tries to come up with a plan to escape and quickly says that there is no way out.

Simon shows Bradley the monsters he captured and Bradley remembers Ickis, who scared him inside his bedroom. Bradley lies and says that he wasn't scared, only to admit it later on. He talks to the young monster about the scariest thing ever and Ickis tells him that if the monsters are seen on live television, every human will hunt them down. So Bradley frees all the monsters and they escape via toilet in the bathroom. When Simon discovers the monsters' absence, he talks about how bad he is at monster hunting right before Bradley offers him a cookie, which he accepts.


  • Second appearances of Simon and Murray and third appearance of Bradley.