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[The episode starts.]

Don:I like rice.

Host:We're back and were talking to scared with three victems of monster sitings.

Simon:Do I look scared? Am I whimpering? I'm a monster hunter okay? I hang out in the sewers, and find and hunt monsters. It's a dirty job. Someone's gotta do it.

Don:I like rice.

Host:Yeah. So how many of you caught?

Simon:Well it depends on how you to find. And why do I hunt monster?

Don:I like rice.

Simon:Rice. Loving lunatics.

Host:So I understand you were scared by monsters who came under the beds.

Bradley:I wasn't scared and there's only one.

Host:How about you Murray?

Murray:I saw three.

Guy:Yeah will I saw four. The elves brought them.

Bradley:They think we're all crazy.

Simon:Go ahead and laugh. Very funny. a bunch of clowns we have here.

Host:Color me crazy sounds like a challenge.

Man:What are you doing?


Man:That's my car.

Host:It's got all the features you ever want.

Man:You can give them my car.


Man:A milloin dollors on my car?


Simon:Don't let it get to you kid.

Bradley:They think I'm crazy.

Simon:I haven't said it in my whole life.

Bradley:What do you do?

Simon: Me? I just covered my ears.

Bradley:I wasn't scared.

Simon:Of course you weren't

Bradley:I'm never scared.

Simon:I know that.

Bradley:Even you?-

Simon:Me? No. I'm a professional. Not just animatre risking his neck for a use car that allows a million.

[All over the town, people set traps in their homes.]






Oblina:Are you sure you alright?

Ickis:Fine fine.

Oblina:Well you don't look fine fine.


Ickis:I'm not fine okay?! I'm misrable.


Ickis:Thank you I feel so much better now.










Simon:Tuesday, a hundred hours a night like any other. Garbage filth, vermin gosh all of it. but undernearth. Terror. Terror so real you can smell it. Note to my self, never smell terror at a dump What's that?

Ickis:I said I like to be alone.

Krumm:You mean without me?


Simon:Gotcha! You're not a monster.

Woman:You haven't seen them in the morning.

Simon:Well yes. As a matter in fact I am. Wait a minute. What are you doing here?

Woman:Hunting monsters. Isn't it fun.

Simon:You're hunting what?

Man:I got my on that ventory.

Simon:You canntot hunt monsters! Your a family.


Simon:Probably you say?

Boy:Look there's a monster behind the tree.


Simon:What where?

Woman:Good work sweetie.

Simon:You call that a monster? That's nothing but a bunny rabbit.

Ickis:Krumm I thought I told you. AHH! HELP! HELP!

Simon:Yes! You're mine!

Ickis:I'm lost. Lost forever in the black pit of dispear. Alone forgotton without hope. And I'm getting nausous.

Krumm:Don't worry buddy. I almost had it. Oblina!

Ickis:Good thinking.


Simon:Yes! Yes! I did it! I did...It

Bradley:Wow you got a monster?

Simon:Of course. I got a monster. Why? Why may you ask? Becuase I'm good.

Ickis:He said was going to save me.

Krumm:Don't worry buddy I got it all figured out.

Simon:Yes! I did it! I did it! Two monsters! I'm so bad! I'm worst!




Simon:Come on in I'll be right there.

Gromble:I said left.



Oblina:Will you keep it down?


Oblina:No no the other way.

Simon:Ecuse me for a minute.

Oblina:Ooh the Lump.

Monster:The lump.

Monster 2:The lamp.

Simon:Woo. I'm worst. I'm worst then worse. I'm Simon the terrible.

Oblina:Will you be quiet?! I'm trying to think.

monster:What are we gonna do?

Monster: 2:Let her think.

Monster:I don't think.



Oblina:We are done for.


Bradley:He's the one who scared me.

Simon:It's okay. He can't get out.

Bradley:Wait..You're scared of me?

Ickis:No way, you're the one who's scared.

Bradley:Am not.

Ickis:Are too!

Bradley:Am not, And I wouldn't scare one who hide under my bed either.

Ickis:Were too.

Bradley:Were not:

Ickis:You weren't scared at all.


Ickis:At least a little bit.

Bradley:That's right.

Ickis:Fine. I have everything I had.

Bradley:You did?


Bradley:Maybe I was scared.

Ickis:You were really?

Bradley:A little bit.

Simon:Don't get close to that cage.

Bradley:No way.


Bradley:Yeah sure. Or the boogey man.

Ickis:He's scary too.

Bradley:Wnat a cookie?

Ickis:No thanks. Listen Bradley, I want you to pretend something.


Ickis:Pretend that you were at a dump, adn you're gathing grubs then suddenly a monster hunter sneak sup behind you and throws you into a cage.

Bradley:I went on TV. It was awful.

Ickis:I know.

Simon:Bradley give me and hand with these cages will ya?

Ickis:Then it will be the end of us Bradley. It will be the end of me.

Simon:Come on I'm already late.

[Bradley grabs the keys and frees all the monsters]

Simon:Where's..Where's my monsters.

Bradley:It was so weird.

Simon:They're more devious than I should have known that. When did I know that. Becuase I'm stupid that's why. I'm not bad. I'm not terrible! I'm stink!