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Slick Ick is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season four.

Characters present[]


An accident leaves Ickis covered in slippery wax and unable to stay still.


The Gromble enters the Monster Academy to inform his students that today is the last day to complete the scare midterm. The Gromble asks his students if any of them are having trouble completing the assignment. One monster says he did everything he could and he still got eight scares left. Cower is dreading that there's no way he can get his nine scares done by the end of the day. Krumm tells his friends that he's only got six scares left, but he's so tired that he can barely keep his eyes up. Ickis says that he still has twenty-six scares to go, but the Gromble states that it is not feasible since the students had twenty-five scares in two weeks as their midterm, which Ickis has misconstrued as twenty-five scares each week and completed twenty-four scares. So he needs only one more scare by the afternoon, much to the young monster's delight.

After class, Ickis brags to his friends about his last scare as they walk through the hallways. While Oblina and Krumm perform their scares, Ickis makes his way in the city streets about to scare a woman pushing a stroller when he comes behind a filthy car. He eats the sludge on the car and chases after the moving car to eat the sludge off of it. Little does he know, the car is heading inside Mr. Sud's Carwash and is subsequently waxed along with the car. He comes out saturated with three coats of wax and attempts to finish his task. But since he is coated with wax, he has trouble walking and only manages to slip and slide his way through the streets.

Ickis returns to the dorm room covered in the string of cans from behind the car tied to a bumper of the car owned by a driver who was getting married and tells his friends that he needs their assistance. But they refuse due to his smug attitude towards them in the beginning. So Ickis apologizes to them for his arrogance and his friends reluctantly help him.

As they return to the city streets, Ickis attempts to scare a female human, but Oblina and Krumm push him too hard and the young monster ends up sliding through the streets. Ickis is tied to a tree tries to scare a man at the park, but ends up tying himself to a tree after Krumm gently taps him. So Oblina takes him to the Skate-O-Rama skating rink and Ickis ends up scaring away everyone skating in the rink.

Back at the Monster Academy, Ickis arrives just in time to slide to the viewfinder to show off his scare to the other monsters. Little does he know, the heat of the viewfinder has melted away the wax on his skin and after his scare is shown, he tries to slide away to embrace his destiny, only to just discover that he lost his wax. So he attempts to take his seat, only for the Gromble to remind him that he has to complete twelve scares by tomorrow. Ickis walks away upset, finishing his last line "I hate my life." as the episode irises out.


  • At one point near the end of the episode right before Ickis attempts to slide away only to find out he lost his wax, you can see another Ickis in the audience. This may have been a mistake in the production.