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Gromble: Good morning, class. As you know, today is the last day To complete this year's multi-scare mid-term And look at you. You must be working very hard. Are any of you having any trouble Completing the assignment? Are you?

Monster: I did everything I could. And I still got eight scares left.

Monster 2: Oh, I can't get nine scares by the end of the day. There's no way.

Krumm: I've only got six. But I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes up.

Ickis: You guys think you've got it bad. I've still got to do 26 scares.

Gromble: That's not possible! The mid-term was 25 scares in two weeks.

Ickis: Wait, didn't you say 5 scares each week?

Gromble: No, I didn't. How many have you completed, Ickis?

Ickis: 24. [The monsters gasp.] I only need...

Gromble: One more scare by this afternoon?


Ickis; So, tell me Miss perfect monster Are you one scare away From finishing your mid-term?

Oblina: No, I have five more scares to go.

Ickis: Five more? Oh, you'll be busy today. Me, I've just got to knock off One more scare.

Monster 2: Wow.

Oblina: Put a skench in it, Ickis.

Ickis: Aren't we touchy Miss four scares behind me.

Oblina: Just because you only have one scare left Is no reason to torture the rest of us.

Ickis: I think it's a good reason.

Oblina: Good-bye, Ickis. I must perform my few remaining scares.

Ickis: Few? Gee, I only have one.


Ickis: There she is, scare number 25.


Ickis: Wow, mmm, tasty. Oh, creamy, smooth. Just brimming with smoggy goodness.


Man: This isn't going to hurt my car, is it? I've never been to a place like this.

Man 2: There's a surprise.

Man: Yep, I'm getting married today.

Man 2: Congratulations. She's a lucky woman.

Man: Yep, nothing too good for my little bride. What do you say We give it that triple wax?

Man 2: Tr-triple wax? W-w-w-wait.

Ickis: Well, back to work.


Man 2: Triple wax? We hardly ever, nobody... Uh, uh, it's been years.

Man: Look, a fellow don't wash his car Or get married But two or three times. Triple wax-- got it?

Man 2: Sparky! Get ready for a triple wax!


Ickis: I feel so cheap, so clean. Well, back to work.


Ickis: I'm sorry to interrupt. Krumm! Oblina! Don't go, don't go, I need you! Oh, you are my very, very best friends. You got to help me!

Oblina: Help you? My goodness, Ickis This morning you didn't seem to need any help.

Ickis: Well, I've been triple waxed. That's no reason to torture me.

Oblina: Yes, well, I think it is. After your behavior this morning I'm enjoying myself immensely.

Ickis: But this isn't my fault.

Krumm: What happened?

Ickis: [cries] It is my fault. Please, Oblina. I didn't mean those things I said. I was joking, I was confused. I was... gloating. I'm so sorry, really. Please help me, I'm begging you. Please.


Ickis: Oh, she's perfect. Scare number 25, here I come-- let's do it!

Oblina: Ready, aim.

Ickis: Remember, not too fa...


Oblina: This time you will not get away.

Ickis: Remember now A gentle push this time.


Ickis: It's over. There's no hope.

Krumm: It's not that bad.

Ickis: Yes, it is! I'm a slippery monster In a sticky world. There's just no place for me.

Oblina: Hmm... Maybe there is.


Ickis: If you'll excuse me, I've got some scaring to do.


Ickis: Pardon me.


Ickis: What do think? Neat trick, huh?

Krumm: That was awesome.

Gromble: oh, dear, no Ickis. I guess he was too busy failing his mid-term To come to class.

Ickis: Hallelujah!

Gromble: Oh, my, aren't we dramatic? Lovely performance, Ickis But I'd really rather see your scare.

Ickis: I'll show you more than that. See... I have discovered the future of scaring. One word, Grombie, just one word. Wax. But enough talk. Watch and learn.


Gromble: I don't believe it. That was magnificent.

Ickis: Thank you, thank you.

Gromble: That last move, Ickis...

Ickis: The triple sort of back-thing spin-jump?

Gromble: Could we see it again? Here, now?

Ickis: That old thing? Tell you what I'll go you one better. Be here this time tomorrow And I will show you A dozen new moves And a dozen more scares. Well, I'd love to stay and chat But I must go embrace my destiny. I'll remember you well, my poor, normal friends.

[He tries to skate but falls.]

Ickis: What happened?

Gromble: It seems you've lost your wax. Well, I guess this sort of...

Ickis: You know, I didn't... I think I'll just take my seat now.

Gromble: You don't have time.

Ickis: What do you mean?

Gromble: You've got to embrace Your destiny, remember? Scares by this time tomorrow.

Ickis: But I... They... Oh...

Gromble: Have a pleasant day, Ickis.

Ickis: [cries] I hate my life.