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— This is a transcribed copy of Slumber Scare. —
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Krumm: Nothing's working!


Urbab: Help!

Ickis: Oh, don't hurt us! Don't hurt us! Please, please, please.

Krumm: Oh, no! Leave us alone! G-g-g-go away, please!

Girls: Go away! Help! Oh, dear, it's so rich.

Dizzle: If you could have seen the looks on your faces! You looked like a bunch of... A bunch of humans!

Hairyette: Yeah! Baby humans!

Krumm: That wasn't funny, Oblina!

Urbab: Yeah, you might have gotten hurt.

Oblina: Please! You guys are such sore losers And such little... Scaredy-monsters, scaredy-monsters! We have to laugh! Ladies?

[Girls laugh]

Ickis: Let's get out of here!