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Smile and Say Oblina

Smile and Say Oblina is the first part of the ninth episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 1.

Characters present[]


Even monsters get the blues, and Oblina proves it when she develops her first crush, on a monster named Gludge who starts noticing her after she got braces.


The Monsters are seen watching a basketball game from the bleachers, with Gludge, one of the monster athletes playing as well. Gludge makes the last basket to win the game for his team. Oblina develops a crush on him, but is too nervous to speak to him. However, she regains her courage from her friends and goes up to Gludge, who is surrounded by the other monsters giving him acclaim for his game-winning shot, to talk to him. When she finally gets to him, he hands her a towel inundated with his sweat, which Oblina takes a whiff of.

When The Monsters are getting ready for bed, Oblina is upset because her teeth are too shiny. So she contemplates getting braces, but when she does it the next day, her new braces squelches her ability to talk or see. She demands the dentist to remove the braces, but the dentist rapidly refuses. So she is stuck with them on for two full weeks.

Later, Krumm and Ickis try to fix Oblina's braces. But they end up stuffing it inside her mouth and Ickis said that no one will notice but he and Krumm did and thought Oblina awfully funny. When she runs into Gludge, he asks her if she would like to spend time with him, which she is quick to agree with. In The Monsters' room, Oblina prepares herself to meet Gludge and Gludge comes over to pick her up.

When the two walk through the dump, Oblina tells Gludge that the two should go on a scaring spree. But Gludge shows no interest in scaring anyone and soon, he confesses that he is not very good at scaring anyone (he states that terrorizing the weightlifters was just lucky). Oblina encourages him to try again and the two scare away a driver at a toll booth.

Oblina returns back in the bedroom and tells Ickis and Krumm about her time with Gludge. Ickis and Krumm quickly leave the room and Oblina instead talks about her time to the inanimate objects.

Two weeks later, Oblina has had her braces removed and her teeth are now grotesque. When Gludge arrives in her room, he tells Oblina that he won't be taking her to a party and has gone out with another female monster. Oblina then realizes that her braces is what made him like her and she is heartbroken. Ickis and Krumm come to her side and tell her that Gludge was just shallow and never appreciated her personally. Oblina is quickly appeased and thanks her friends out of gratitude, kissing them sweetly as she is glad to have Ickis and Krumm by her side. She smiles proudly at the mirror, breaking it.


  • During the game in the opening scene, Dobyu seems to be the only monster on Gludge's team, playing against Borl, Kriggle, Snill, Splazu, Spoop, Tamfo, Urbab, and unnamed pink monster, and two unknown monsters wearing uniforms who are only seen in the establishing shot.
  • Despite being in the game, Kriggle, Splazu, Spoop, Urbab, and the unnamed pink monster are also seen among the observers. Because of this, there are actually two frames in which Kriggle can be seen playing in, and watching the game.
  • In one shot, Borl (seen only from behind) is incorrectly colored brown instead of pink. This may be the result of the animators misidentifying him as Uwapo.
  • This is the first time Oblina says her farewell phrase, "Toodle-ee-oo."