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[It all stared in the dump.]


Oblina: Yes. He is awesome.

Ickis: What is so great about Glunge?



Ickis: He's perfectly something.


Oblina: He's surrounded.



Oblina: Oh you're right. I'm going over there.


Glunge: Here for you.

Oblina: Oh. I;m sure i couldn't.


Oblina: Did you see that. He likes me.

Ickis: One moldy towel and you're all swoony.



Oblina: Can you believe it? Glunge finally notices and I have to get braces tomorrow.

Ickis: You should have brush you're teeth 30 years ago.


Oblina: Just once!

Ickis: You're paying for it now are you. See? Their sparkling so straight.

Oblina: [crying] You're right. [she picks up the towel.] Good night, my racid little charmer.


Oblina: Do you really think braces are necessary?


Oblina: Well.

Dentist: This won't hurt a bit. I love saying that. So Oblina, how do you like school? And the Gromble how is that old carter doing. Of course he is.

Oblina: [muffled] You cannot be serious! I can't talk! I cannot see! I look stupid!!

Dentist: You look fabulous!

Oblina: I look ridiculous.

Dentist: True. But in two weeks you look fabulous.

Oblina: Two weeks?! TWO WEEKS?! I want them off now!

Dentist: No can do.

[At the dorm]

Krumm: It's so shiny,

Ickis: And big very very big.

Oblina: It's just awful, isn't it?

Krumm: I like it.

Ickis: Awful no. I wouldn't call it an awful.

Oblina: Really?

Ickis: Oh sure.

Oblina: I hate them.


Ickis: Oblina It's just your teeth.



Ickis: No one will ever notice.

[fin a moment he and Krumm laugh]

Glunge: Don't I know you?

Oblina: I'm Oblina.

Glunge: Wow. You look really putrid.

Oblina: Thank you.


Oblina: I love too!

Glunge: Right. I think we could have some fun.

Oblina: I love fun.


Oblina: I love magic.

Gleunge: I'll pick you up later.

Oblina: I love later. See you then Glunge. Toodle-ee-oo.

Glunge: And Oblina..

Oblina: Yes?



Ickis: Why does he have to come in here?

Oblina: Tonight, I shall show Glunge the scare of his life.




Glunge: Looking sharp.

Oblina: Thank you.

Glunge: Do you mind if I walk backwards.

Oblina: I love all night.

[Later outside at night.]


Oblina: Sounds lovely Glungy.

Glunge: Scaring why?

Oblina: I don't know. You and me a few humans screaming in the middle of the night.


Oblina: And there's nothing like a good scare.


Oblina: Come on! We're going scaring.


Oblina: You don't want to do this?

Glunge: I told you I'm just not into it tonight.

Oblina: Oh well if you really want to.. Oh. It's me isn't it? [she cries]


Oblina: You? But you are the best.

Glunge: That was a lucky scare.



Oblina: It is not about that.


Oblina: Then you try again! You don't have to be perfect.


Ickis: What is going on?

Oblina: I have the greatest time! Just great. Glunge was great and I was great and we ere great!

Ickis: Great.


Ickis: I'm out of here.

Oblina: Fine. Then I'll just tell you.

[Two weeks later]

Oblina: So what do you think?

Glunge: What happen to your braces?

Oblina :I just got them off.

Glunge: Yeah. Anblina.

Oblina: Oblina.

Glunge: Whatever. Something came up.

Oblina: WHAT?!?

Glunge: Now that's what I call a vision.

Oblina: [sniff] He's...gone.

Ickis: Don't let it get you down.

Krumm: Yeah he's a bum.

Oblina: [sniff] He only likes me for my braces.

Ickis: What do you suspect?

Oblina: You think so?

Ickis: Absolutely.

Krumm: Whatever he said.

Oblina: Thank you, guys. It is really great having friends like you.