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Snill is a monster student at The Monster Academy. He is shown to regularly suck up to The Gromble.


Snill is short, round, yellow monster with a large nose and brown hair. He has two arms with four digits on each hand and two legs with two digits on each foot. Snill is sometimes seen incorrectly colored red and/or green; however, Yellow Sill and Green Snill have appeared in the same scenes, implying they are separate monsters.

Featured Appearances[]

Old Monster: Snill gives The Gromble a worm infested apple core. The Gromble refers to him as "Smeech" in this appearance.

Don't Just Do It: Snill explains the purpose of breathing sacks to the class, and later has a run-in with Pugh.

Snill appears as a background monster in most episodes, usually sitting the front row of the middle-left column of the Lecture Hall in front of Oblina.