[We cut to Bradley's house. Bradley was sitting on the floor watching T.V while petting his cat. This kinda took place of what happen in the last episode.]

Dad: He won't back in his room. It's those darn monster comics.

[From Bradley's room we see the monster manual still laying on the floor. We cut to the Monster Academy.]

Oblina:Don't worry Ickis, will get your manual back right after school.

Slimebucket:Hey Ickis. Got you're manual? Was the river any dout? See you in class.

Ickis:Smilebucket..I'm not going.

Oblina:Don't be silly. If you cut he Gromble's class he'll send you to be snorched.

Ickis:If I go, he'll find out I don't have my manual, and have me snorched.

Krumm:Snorch if you do and snorch if you don't/

Locker monster: Are you though using me?


Locket monster:Then please move on. You stench is making me feel faint.


Flunk:Gee Ickis I hope you got you're manual.

Ickis:I got it Frunk. Stop worrying about me. You're oozing you know. What am I? The afternoon internamiand around here? If I could ask about that manual one last time. [opens his locker]

Locker monster 2:Do you have you're manual?

Ickis: NO I DON'T! But I do have this! Go ahead, ask me again. Make my century.

Locker monster 2:My my a bit touchy are we.

Oblina:That is no way to treat you're locker. He's just doing his job.

Ickis:You're right. I apologize.

Locker monster 2:Forget it.


Locker monster 2:He's gonna be here.

Ickis: What?

Locker monster: He's sick.

Ickis:He is? Yes. I mean...Uh gee I hope he's okay. That's the belch for class. Come on guys.

Locker monster:I didn't know the Gromble is sick.

Locker monster 2:He isn't.

Slimebucket:Are you sure got the manual Ickis?

Ickis:Oh sure. No. I don't. The Gromble's just going have to wait. I am a very busy monster.

Slimebucket:You're not afraid of being snorched?

Ickis:Me? I laugh at the Snorch. I laugh at the Gromble. In fact sometimes I just laugh.


Gromble:Good afternoon class.

Ickis:My locker said...

Krumm:Time t change you're lock Ickis.




[They let out howls]


Oblina:Yes. Well looks like you luck out, Ickis.

Gromble:But first..


Gromble:Where's you're manual?!

Ickis:Might I say, sir, that the boils on your back have reached a stunning corpulence...they're really quite fetching!


Ickis: EEE!!!

Gromble: What?!

Ickis:I didn't get my manual back...

Gromble:Now now. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Slimebucket:Yes you're Gromble sir?

Gromble:Escort Ickis down to Snorch.

Slimebucket:Ickis, I know we never been that close, But If anything happens, can I have your hairball collectoin. I'll take that as a maybe.



Ickis:Sixty one. Well at least times on my side.

Monster: Oh whoops. Sorry.



Oblina:We're going to find the manual and get him out of this mess. Now isnt't that better than traveling by sewer.

Krumm:Wait. I'll see if the coast is clear.


Oblina:This is it. Krumm, are you alright?

Krumm:I had better knobs.

Dad:Enough T.V Bradley go upstairs and do you're homework.

Bradley:I never going in that room again.

Dad:It's time we got over that kiddo. Come on son, it's time to face you're fear and laugh.

Bradley:I don't think so dad.

Dad:Don't worry Bradley. There's nothing to be afraid of. You see there are no mosnter in here. Unless one of you're stuff animals comes to life. Come on kiddo, you got homework to do.


Bradley: What's the matter, Boots? ACK! Daddy!

Monster:What are you looking at?

Ickis:Great techniquie.

Monster:Thanks. It's boring down here.

Ickis:Your'e not concerned about Snorch?


Monster: Next.

Monster:See you around.

Krumm: There it is.

Oblina: Be carefull humans.

Krumm: I got it! I got it! I don't got it.

Oblina: This is going to be a long day.


Oblina:Krumm? Speak to me.

Krumm:What's that terrible smell? It's me! I'm clean!

Oblina: Look!

Krumm:You're turn.

Monster:We're running late. So many victims so little time.


Monster:Good idea. Forget it.

Monster 20:Sorry sorry you first.

Ickis:No no. you go ahead.

Monster 20:No no no. really after you.

Ickis:I couldn't. You be your guest.

Monster:No backies.


Krumm:Old sardines.

Oblina:It's so dark, I can't find that silly manual.

Krumm:Relax. Enjoy the moment. Can we do this again on my birthday?

Oblina:Come on. We have work to do. Krumm look.


Oblina: Very attractive. Let's go home.

Monster:Number oh 19.

Ickis:[squeals] Have mercy Snorch. Mercy. Zimbo, tell Snorch I'll give him my slugs. Anything!

Monster:No thrashing in the hallways. Those were the rules.

Ickis: Krumm Oblina help!!

Oblina: Relax Ickis, we have your manual.

Ickis:Did you hear those beautifull words? We have you're manual!


Oblina:Wtih all respect, Krumm and I went into great deal of trouble to rechieve Ickis' manual.

Gromble:You abosolutely right. You did go into a lot of trouble. In fact you did so much more. You did ANOTHER STUDENT'S ASSIGNMENT!


Ickis: [shivering] Not the horns.

Oblina: [shivering] That means only one thing. He's going to..sing saprano...



Zimbo: Encore? Did you say "encore"? I have all the music with me.


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