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Snorched if You Do, Snorched if You Don't

Snorched if You Do, Snorched if You Don't is the second segment of the second episode in the first season of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, and the third episode overall.

Characters Present[]


In a continuation of "Monsters, Get Real", Oblina and Krumm attempt to retrieve Ickis's monster manual before he is sent to the Gromble's henchmen, the Snorch and Zimbo.


After the traumatic scare in the last episode "Monsters, Get Real", Bradley has refused to go back into his room during the night and is in the living room watching television. His parents are convinced that it was the monster comic books that traumatized him.

Back at the Monster Academy, Oblina tells Ickis that the trio will get back his monster manual right after class. Ickis refuses to go, because he doesn't have his manual with him, but Oblina reminds him that he will be Snorch'd if he cuts class., While Ickis reponded that if he showed up for class and doesn't have his manuel, he will still get snorch'd. The other monsters ask Ickis about his manual and the locker monster reminds him that The Gromble is sick and won't be teaching class today, much to Ickis' delight. As he leaves, the locker monster tells another monster that he lied about The Gromble being sick and that he did it to teach Ickis a lesson.

At the Monster Academy, Ickis becomes smug and mocks the Snorch, until he sees The Gromble make his appearance in class. He orders his class to howl and tells them the he is taking his class to a trip to the Slime Pits. But not before asking Ickis about his monster manual. Ickis tries to digress to a topic of the boils on The Gromble's back, but to no avail. Ickis admits that he didn't get back his manual and The Gromble orders Slime Bucket, one of the monsters, to send Ickis to the Snorch. Ickis is the 61st monster about to get Snorch'd, but the other monster has flipped the slip upside down and Ickis is, instead, the 19th monster next.

Meanwhile, Krumm and Oblina are revealed to have skipped the class trip to retrieve the monster manual from Bradley's house. They sneak through the basement and make their way to Bradley's room, where Bradley's father tries to convince him that there are no monsters inside. Bradley takes notice of the book and drops it out the window in fright. Krumm and Oblina run back outside to grab the manual, but it gets caught against the front bumper of the car. So Krumm hops onto it and gets washed as the car runs through a car wash. The book drops and gets caught in a street sweeper. Krumm and Oblina hop inside the dump truck and end up in a conveyor belt, where the trash is getting incinerated. They retrieve the book just in time and return to the Monster Academy, where they barely save Ickis from being Snorch'd. Unfortunately, Krumm and Oblina have done Ickis' assignment for him and as punishment, the trio are sent to the Snorch to suffer the singing soprano (sung by the Snorch and Zimbo) they listen to. Krumm said, "No more!", but the Snorch and Zimbo thought he said, "Encore!". They wonder if they would be let out to scare again. But all that would have to wait until the next adventure (The next episode).


  • This is the first instance in which the Snorch and Zimbo both played a major role in an episode.
  • This episode takes place after and is a continuation of the episode Monsters, Get Real.


(Ickis is facing the Gromble.)

Ickis: Might I say, sir, that the boils on your back have reached a stunning corpulence...they're really quite fetching!

Krumm: NO MORE!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!

Zimbo: "Encore"? Did you say "encore"? I have all the music with me.

Oblina: Don't worry Ickis, we'll get your Manual back right after school. Slimebucket: Hey, hey Ickis, get your manual? (sneezes on Ickis) Ickis: Was there ever any doubt? See you in class, Slimebucket. (to Oblina) I'm not going.

Locker Monster: Do you have your manual? Ickis: (shouting) NO I DON'T!

The Gromble: You're absolutely right. You did go through a lot of trouble. In fast, you went through so much more, you did...ANOTHER STUDENT'S ASSIGNMENT!! (The trio tremble in serious fear)