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[Episode starts under the bridge.]

Oblina: Got one.

Krumm: It's a beauty. What is it?

Oblina: It is a white sided roller.

Krumm: That's good for eaten'.

Ickis: Hey I got one. It's big. [cough] This is gonna put me in the dump of fame. [splash] A fish..I really thought I had something. [cough]

Krumm: You might wanna get that checked.

Ickis: What for? It's probably something I ate.



Ickis: Thank you thank you thank you. Here you fo sir. [cough] They're all here.

Gromble: Oblina, would you watch the class? Ickis! Come with me.


Monster Doctor: Say ah. Can you hear that? You dizzy?

Ickis: Yeah. [Cough]

Monster Doctor:

Gromble: What is it?

Monster Doctor: There's only one way to find out. I'm going in. This is bad. Really really bad.

Ickis:What are you saying?

Monster Doctor: This is not good. You


Monster Doctor:

Ickis: Could you be more specific?

Monster Doctor: Ka boom.

Zimbo: Ka boom?

Oblina: What do you mean Ka boom?

Ickis: For the next seven days, I'm a walking disaster waiting to happen.

Krumm: What happens after seven days?



Oblina: Ickis I know this is serious but you cannot spend the week sitting there in the dorm room.


Krumm: Come on.


Gromble: Everybody back in your seats! Now you be please to know

Snav: That's my great uncle Sniv.

Gromble: Does anyone know what he did for monsters everywhere?

Snav: He was my great uncle.


Snav: Being my great uncle isn't enough.

Gromble: Oblina.

Oblina: Yes.

Gromble: Thank you, Oblina.

Ickis: Wha?

Gromble: It doesn't matter at all if they blew up or not.



Ickis: What about you?

Oblina: I am wise beyond my years. Goodnight Icky. Good night Krumm.

Krumm: Goodnight Oblina. Goodnight Ickis.

Ickis: Goodnight guys.

Oblina: Go to sleep Ickis. We will see you in the morning.

Ickis: Come in.

Both: Horvak!

Krumm: Dad.

Horvak: Hello there Oblina hello Ickis. How's your dad. Pack your things Krumm.

Krumm: What's going on dad?





Horvak: Ickis doesn't wanan come.

Krumm: Bye buddy.

Oblina: Krumm do not want to leave Ickis I'm sure.

Ickis: What does it matter.

[Ickis leaves the dorm.]

Ickis: What are you doing? Everybody packing your bags? Going away from me before I blow you up? [His body inflates and deflates as smoke breaths though.]



Monster: Ickis was going to explode,

Monster 2: Any moment in a great big ball of fire.

Monster 3: A ball of fire so big it would blow the whole school.

Monster 4: You told me he would blow the whole dump.

Gromble: [Gasps] Who told you that?

[The monsters pointed at Zimbo.]

Zimbo: I believe

Gromble: You've all been misinformed. I told you was not a danger to any of you. But you listen to rumors.

Oblina: Humans.

Gromble: So is that what you all want to act like. A bunch of humans?

[Up at the surface it was raining.]

Ickis: Here you go buddy. [cough] Yeah. Run from me. Everybody else does. And you know what I don't care.

[A roaming truck startled Ickis.]

Ickis::Go ahead life! Toy with me/ I don't care about anything. I don't care about anyone else.

Krumm: Hi, Ickis.

Ickis: Krumm. Krumm! You came back.


Snav: That's because we were looking for you.

Oblina: The Gromble made every see how they are treating you Icky, And they want you to come home.

Monster: Yeah I couldn't sleep anyway.

Ickis: Good night guys.

Krumm: Good night Ickis

Monsters: Good night Ickis.

Oblina: Good night Ickis.

Zimbo: As I said, Goodnight Ickis.

[5 days later]

Ickis: What do you mean?

Monster Doctor: Open wide. Great. I've been looking for this for a week.

Ickis: Yeah Well.

Monster Doctor: Blowing up?

[all cheer]

Ickis: I'm okay!

Oblina: Let us go tell everybody.

Krumm: Yeah. Come on buddy let's party!