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Spy vs. Monster

Spy vs. Monster is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from the 4th season. It first aired on November 15, 1997. 

Characters present[]


A drawing done by Ickis is switched with top secret plans sought by a secret agent.


A couple of spies are seen creepy through the dump and one of them gives his partner (named Z-12) the plans to the Sub-automatic Wave Particle Dehydroxylator, telling him to make sure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. As the spy walks away, Z-12 notices someone coming and hides the plans inside the dryer, which leads to the monsters' home. When the person turns out to be no one other than a hobo, Z-12 sighs in relief and opens the dryer to retrieve the plans, only to discover that it is now lost.

During class at the Monster Academy, the students begin drawing and Ickis draws a travesty of The Gromble. Meanwhile, Z-12 ends up slipping through the dryer and into the monsters' home. When a monster notices the spy inside, he sets off the alarm to warn the others and Gromble shuts down the academy. As the monsters hide, Z-12 searches through the place to find the plans and comes across a picture of Ickis' drawing. He picks it up and gets a call from his boss X-14, who asks if he has the plans. Hoping his team would buy the picture of the Gromble, Z-12 lies and says he does. He leaves and the monsters return to the academy. Ickis notices that he has the plans to the Dehydroxylator and that Z-12 has picked up his drawing, much to the Gromble's chagrin, for that means that the humans will see proof of the monsters' existence.

Meanwhile, Z-12 tries to convince X-14 that the drawing is a secret code to the Dehydroxylator. X-14 buys it and asks his assistants to work on it. Meanwhile, The Monsters devise a plan to search for Ickis' drawing by finding the spy who left his plans for the Dehydroxylator. They come across a coins that fell out of the spy's pocket when he left and later sneak inside Mr. Funky's Fun House to search for the spy, only to find that there are many of them in overcoats. They notice a photo booth the humans are going into and find that they have not returned after taking their photo. So The Monsters run inside and slip the coin into the slot. They get their picture taken and are given a survey to by the voice activator, who tells them that they will hear the code phrase in five seconds. When they fail to get the code correct, the photo booth launches out of the building like a rocket and lands into an alleyway. Krumm then spots an S.I.A. (Secret Intelligent Agency) building and The Monsters walk inside a telephone boot, scaring away a human lady in the process. They call the S.I.A. building number and Ickis demands Z-!2 via telephone to bring back his drawing by midnight or he will face consequences. When X-14 appears in Z-12's sight, the neurotic spy lies to him and tells him that he is bringing his "plans" to his mother's house at midnight. X-14 lets him go, but realizing that no one's mother would ever let them stay up past midnight, he surreptitiously follows him.

At the dump, Z-12 comes across Ickis, who is dressed in an overcoat and hat along with Oblina and Krumm, and asks him to give him back his plans for the Dehydroxylator. But Ickis wants Z-12 to hand him his paper first and vice-versa. When an annoyed Oblina demands the two to get it over with, Ickis and Z-12 are about to switch papers. But X-14, who had been spying on them, thinking that Z-12 is giving the plans to the enemies, intervenes and rips off half of Ickis' drawing. He runs away with the half and Ickis rips half of the plans to the Dehydroxylator, prompting Z-12 and X-14 to chase after The Monsters. During the chase, Ickis slips on a banana peel and runs into a high stack of newspapers, which falls on top of him. the two spies and the three monsters get both halves of the ripped papers each.

Ickis knocks on the Gromble's door and tells him that he has his drawing and Gromble is proud of him for retrieving it. But his pride becomes evanescent when he puts the papers together and gets a lucid view of the drawing, infuriating him instantly.

Meanwhile, Z-12 and X-14 return to the S.I.A. building to inform the others that they got the plans for the Dehydroxylator, only to discover that it is really a coupon for a pizza delivery. The plans to the Dehydroxylator is revealed to have been grabbed by the hobo, who has already built the machine. When he uses it, the laser activates and blows up half of the moon.