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Shadowy Figure: The bakery is out of boots.

Z-12: My Wolverine plays a mean banjo.

Shadowy Figure: Very good, Z-12. Here are the secret plans for the Sub-automatic Wave Particle Dehydroxylator. Take this to S.I.A. Headquarters. But be careful. If it falls into the wrong hands, your cookie will crumble in a major way.

Z-12: Are you sure, you don't wanna, find somebody else to do this?

Man: Do not fail me, Z-12!

Z-12: Someone's coming. Must hide plans. Perfect. It'll be safe here.


Z-12: Where is it? Gotta be here somewhere.

Gromble: ...and was followed by Zoof the younger and the other zoof the younger Who was called the other zoof the younger Who then began...


Gromble: HUMAN AT THE ACADEMY! [The students panic] THIS IS A HUMAN INVASION SHUTDOWN! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Remove all evidence of your existence.

Z-12: Oh, boy. I better find that paper of my goose is cooked.

[Z-12 eventually finds the paper, but it was revealed to be a doodle Ickis drew earlier.]

Z-12: What's this? This isn't-

[Suddenly, X-14 calls Z-12 from his watch.]

X-14: Z-12, this is X-14. Have you made contact? Do you have the plans?

Z-12: Uh, yes. I have them. Yes.

X-14: Well, what are you waiting for? Bring them to headquarters right now.

[The transmission ends with the S.I.A. logo and it's jingle plays.]

Z-12: Boy, I hope they buy this.

Krumm: Whew, that was a close one.

Ickis: Well, no harm done, I guess.

[He founds out that it was a Top Secret Paper Z-12 left earlier. Ickis screams in shocks and looks for the paper in fear.]

Gromble: Ickis. Is there's something you would like to tell me?

Ickis: Well you see sir, I think the human take a piece of paper, of mine.

Gromble: And what was on it?

Ickis: Some pictures of me. And you.

Gromble: PICTURES!?

Ickis: They are really not good likeness. [laughs nervously]

Gromble: I don't care if they're stick figures. They're proof of our existence. Any human wouldn't be a fool to understand that.

[We cut back to the S.I.A. where X-14 looks at the picture.]

X-14: I don't understand this at all.

Z-12: Uh, well, sir, it's uh, it's in code. Yeah, that's it. The plans are in code.

X-14: You're telling me, these doodles are the secret plans for the sub-automatic wave particle Dehydroxylator?

Z-12: Uh... yeah?

X-14: Alright. Codebreakers, get to work on this right away.

[Z-12 sighs with relief. Meanwhile...]

Ickis: Um, could someone please tell me why these things always happen to me?

Krumm: Well, you're careless, and lazy.

Oblina: You shed your responsibility not to mention that you are-

Ickis: Alright! Alright, alright, you can stop telling me now.

Oblina: Oh now, Ickis. The solution's is simple enough. To get your paper back, we only have to find the human who left this paper. [Laughs]

Krumm: Yeah, Ickis. Let's look for clues.

Ickis: What clues, Krumm? There are no clues!

Krumm: How about something that fell out of his pocket?

Ickis: Alright. [Giggles] I like to see you pull that stunt twice.


Ickis: Here we are. Now, remember, the human we are looking for Is wearing a long coat, and a big, big, big hat.


Ickis: Can't I have it easy just once?


Krumm: It must be some kind of doorway.

Ickis: Really, you think? Of course it's a doorway! And I'll bet we find our human on the other side.


Ickis: Well, here's the bathroom. But where's the toilet?

[The camera flashes causing the monsters to go blind by shock.]

Voice: Welcome to S.I.A.

Ickis: S.I.A. What is this S.I.A.? Who are you?

Voice: You would hear the code phase in five seconds. Please give the appropriate response. [The camera flashes on their face.] The bakery is out of oats.

Oblina: Oh, uh, sorry. Could you repeat that?

[The camera flashes at her face.]

Voice: I'm sorry. Access denied. Goodbye.

[The photo booth launches right out and crashes outside. The monsters are not hurt at all.]

Ickis: That is it! We are never gonna get that paper back. Bakery, oats, S.I.A. What does it mean?

Krumm: Secret Intelligence Agency.

Oblina: Who?

Ickis: What?


Ickis: Now if you could do it the third time, I would really be impressed.


Z-12: Secret Intelligence Agency. Where nothing is too secret. This is Z-12 speaking. How may I help you?

Ickis: Hello, um, did you happen to lose a piece of paper in a dump?

Z-12: What? Who, who, who. Who are you?

Ickis: Never mind who we are. We got it. Now, you got something of ours and you're gonna get it. Or you're gonna get it. Get it?

Z-12: I don't know.

Ickis: Bring it to the dump at midnight. We'll be waiting.

[Z-12 hangs up the phone.]

X-14: Talking to someone?

Z-12: [screams] Uh, uh, uh, eh, uh that was my mother. Who, who volunteered to help decode the secret plans. Yeah. So I'm gonna bring this to her house, at might.

X-14: Just a minute, you're telling me that your mother is a secret code breaker and you wanna bring the original copy of the secret plans to her house, at midnight?

Z-12: Uh, yeah?

X-14: Alright. Off you go. Be careful. Wait a minute. Mother, code breaker, midnight? Nobody's mom stays up past midnight. I better follow him.


Ickis: Ah, look at me sweetheart. Oh, this is gonna be fun.

Oblina: Ickis, just cut that out. If you do not stop fooling around, you could-

Ickis: You never let me have any fun. What could happen that would be so bad?

Krumm: Well, the human could keep your paper and expose the existence of the monster world. Bringing about our total and complete ruin.

Ickis: Ah! It's him! Hide!


Ickis: That was close. I almost-

Z-12: Do you have my paper?

[Ickis yelps and the monsters see Z-12.]

Oblina: Ickis! Say something.

Ickis: [ahem] Did you bring my paper?

Z-12: Yes. Give me mine.

Ickis: No, you go first.

Z-12: No, you go first.

Ickis: No, you go first.

X-14: Aha. I knew something was up. Z-12 is selling the plans to the enemy!

Z-12: No, you go first.

Ickis: No, you go first!

Z-12: No, you go first.

Ickis: No, you go first!

Krumm: This is getting monontance.

Oblina: Would you just, get us over with?!

Z-12: I've got it.

Ickis: [giggles] I got it.

X-14: Now, I got it.

Ickis: Well, two can play at that game.

Z-12: X-14, that's the real secret plans!

X-14: Now you tell me. Get it!

[The monsters run away]

Oblina: Ickis, we have got to get the other half of your paper.

Ickis: Tell me about it.


Z-12: I've got it!

X-14: I've got it!

Monsters: I've got it!

[Back at the Academy, Ickis is knocking on The Gromble's door.]

Ickis: I've got it. I've got it! I've got it! Oh, Gromble. I did it, I did it! I got my paper back. The monster world is saved!

Gromble: Congratulations, Ickis. That is... [He found out that it's a drawing of Ickis riding him as a horse that he drew earlier which made The Gromble furious as we cut to outside.] ICKIS!

[We cut back to the S.I.A. building.]

Z-12 and X-14: We've got it! We've got it!

X-14: Forget that stupid doodle gentlemen! These are the real plans for the Sub-automatic Wave Particle Dehydroxylator!

[They found out it's a coupon for the pizza delivery and they scream.]

[It turns out the hobo actually got the papers and is seen finishing building the Sub-automatic Wave Particle Dehydroxylator.]

Hobo: Ah, well, let's see what this thing what you can do. I can use this as a reading light. [He tests it out and it fires laser at the moon] Heh, heh, heh. Or not.

[The episode ends, fades out.]