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Student Housing


First Appearance

Student Housing is where monster students of The Monster Academy live.

Rooms and residents[]

  • Room 10: Doorway is a portable toilet with a jagged hole in the back. Residents: Ickis, Krumm, and Oblina.
  • Room 11: Metal-arched doorway (possibly a pipe and/or a band vault). Cower is a possible resident.
  • Room 12: Doorway is a literal hole in the wall. Residents: Tamfo.
  • Room 13: Doorway appears to be opening to a stairwell. Residents: Korga.
  • Room 14: Accessible through a long pipe. Residents: Harryette and Swamwump.
  • Room 15: The doorway is a fireplace. Residents: Leaky (and presumably Splazoo).
  • Room 16: Residents: Doybu.
  • Room 17: Doorway unknown. Possible residents: Kriggle.
  • Room 18: Blue door in the grill of a vintage car.
  • (Unknown Room #): Metal rolling shutters (seen only from inside). Residents: Blib and Snav.
  • (Unknown Room #): Derelict space capsule. Residents: Likely Dizzle, Horrifica, and/or Ocka.