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Super Ickis

Super Ickis is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from Season 4.

Characters present[]


Ickis dons a cape to emulate his favorite comic book hero, but he may end up in way over his head.


Ickis begins annoying Oblina while reading his second issue of an Ultra Monster comic book, which consist on the monster hero battling humans, and is ordered by his friend to come along with him to class. So Ickis slips his comic book inside his monster manual and tags along with his friends to class. During The Gromble's stern lecture in class, the young monster begins disrupting the class with his affinity for his comic book, which The Gromble confiscates from him.

Ickis is later seen in the dump moping over the fact that his comic book has been taken away from him. But his disappointment soon alters to delight when he sees a box of clothing and searches for a superhero costume to wear. He picks a pair of men's boxers as a mask and an old sheet as a cape, renaming himself as "Ultra Monster." He ends up tumbling down the garbage pile and gets his foot caught in a bed spring, which acts as a bungee cord and has him falling in front of a bulldozer (which was about to run into the other monsters attempting to scare the driver, who was distracted by the magazine he was reading), scaring away the driver in the process as the young monster is sent back up on top of the bed spring. The other monsters are impressed by Ickis' task, thinking that he is a superhero monster.

Ickis then comes across a group of monsters, who talk about the mysterious superhero monster (who was really Ickis himself) scaring away the driver of the bulldozer. He walks pass them and eavesdrop on their conversation behind the wall. He is then rudely pushed away by The Snorch and Zimbo before getting wedgied, who he sends away while in his Ultra Monster persona, impressing the other students once again.

Ickis returns to his room and promises himself to keep his identity a secret, only to discover that Krumm was in his microwave bed the whole time. Krumm promises not to tell anyone else if Ickis would make him his sidekick, to which Ickis agrees to. He gives his friend an old baseball cap as a mask and a pair of footsie pants as tights, as well as giving him the nickname "Phlegm." But Krumm wants to change his sidekick name to "Belch Boy" instead. So Ickis goes with that name instead.

The two monsters go out scaring humans above ground, impressing the other monsters as they go on a scare pair. At the academy, The Gromble is revealed to have heard about the two "superheroes" and tells his class that the fact that someone has on a super monster costume doesn't make them a great scare-er, and instead, courage, temerity, and scaring method are what's inside the monster and those attributes make a monster a great scarer. Ickis thinks about what the Gromble said and begins to feel irresolute.

Krumm starts to throw away the "costumes," but Ickis retrieves them, saying that the costume made him brave. When Krumm reminds Ickis what Gromble said, Ickis tells him that the two are going to pull off the biggest scare of the year and chooses the Wild River Mountain. There, the pair scare away the humans and Krumm decides to leave. But Ickis feels that this scare is too inferior and decides to scare the biggest human they could find. They view a fat human climbing the diving board and climb along with him. Ickis walks up to the fat guy, only to discover that his "mask" has came off his face. Krumm tries to bring Ickis his mask, but the two end up sliding down the water slide and to the bottom of the pool. The fat guy falls on top of the two monsters, sending them down to the bottom of the pool. Ickis' cape gets caught in the drain of the pool and ties around him and Krumm. A mysterious hand then pulls them into the drain and they end up back outside of the dump from the other side of the pipe. To Ickis and Krumm's surprise, they discover that they had just been rescued by Ultra Monster himself, who tells the two monsters that the ability to scare comes from the inside of the monster and not a costume. As Ultra Monster flies away, Ickis and Krumm agree with what Ultra Monster said and laugh at the trouble they got themselves into.

Later, it's revealed that Ultra Monster was really the Gromble in disguise and he's seen inside his room throwing away the costume in a garbage can.