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Ickis: [Reading his Ultra Monster comic] The human has Ultra Monster trapped!

Oblina: Oh, really, Ickis. You and that silly comic book-- fah!

Ickis: Fah?! This is not (Imitating Oblina): Fah. This is the hero of monsters everywhere! This is Ultra Monster.

Krumm: And his faithful sidekick, frrp. He's my favorite.

Oblina: Frrp? Oh, please! Come along, we're late for class.

Ickis: But I'm not finished. I have to find out if ultra monster gets out of the trap And scares the evil humans.

Krumm: I think he probably does.

Oblina: are you coming?

Ickis: Okay, okay, keep your lips on, sister.

Gromble: Class, I've looked over your group scare assignments And, ah... They stink! Did you think you could get away with such pathetic work? Do you take me for a fool?

Ickis: yes! Yes! He did it! Hooray for ultra monster! Thirty-two?

Gromble: So, you'd rather read about Some ninny in a costume Than listen to my lecture? Is that right?

Ickis: Well... (Giggles)

Gromble: Give me that! I never want to see you reading that drivel in my class ever again! Any questions?


Oblina: Oh, poor, poor, misguided Icky.

Krumm: Don't worry, Oblina He'll be okay.

Kriggle: Yeah, Oblina, did we come up here To mope about Ickis Or to go scaring?

Ickis: (Sighs deeply) Oh, why is it so wrong to idolize Ultra Monster? It would be great to be like him. Oh... All I need would be a really cool... (Gasp of realization) Costume!

[He leaps into the box.]

Oblina: All right... We scare on three. One, two, three.


Ickis: Ahh! It's Ultra Monster! (Voice deepening): Yes, it is I... (Cracking): Ultra Monster! Ha! Cower in fear, human. And now, to boldly scare where no monster has scared before! Away!


Krumm: Who was that masked monster?


Ickis: Do I have a headache. I feel like... What the...?! Oh.

Kriggle: Oh, the amazing way he scared that human.

Ickis: Who scared what?

Oblina: Icky, leave it to you to be miles away When a real hero shows up. You should have seen the way He soared in, scared that human And then soared away again. So daring, so dangerous. Oh, and that costume, magnificent!

Kriggle: he's the bravest monster I ever saw.

Ickis: Hmm. Well... (Chuckles) I guess I am... Brave.

Zimbo: Pip-squeak. Out of the way So that Snorch and Zimbo may pass.

Ickis: Ooh, I would like to get those two! If I only had the courage.

Zimbo: Scatter, pathetic underlings! There is no room for choo in this hall.

Ickis (in deep voice): Correction: There is no room for you.


Oblina: You, you scared the Snorch.

Ickis: Yeah, I... (In deep voice): yes, I did, citizens... Uh, monsters. Mm-hmm.

Dizzle: You're so screamy.

( ???]

Ickis: Ooh! I did it! I am a super-scarer, just like ultra monster. And it is all thanks to my costume. Best of all, it's a secret!

Krumm: hi, ickis.

Ickis: Ahh, ahh! Ohhh, that is just great! I finally get to be a superhero And I blow my secret identity In the first five minutes.

Krumm: Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

Ickis: Oh, thanks, krumm, you're a pal. I give you my word as a superhero That I will do anything for you, anything.

Krumm: Um, could you make me your sidekick?

Ickis: Sidekick?

Krumm: Well, ultra monster has frrp. I, I like him.

Ickis: Well... Yes, yes, yes, krumm! Oh, you shall be my sidekick. Together we shall make monster history! But first We have something even more important to do.


Krumm: I'm a sidekick!

Ickis: Okay, world. Get ready to be scared by supermonster And his sidekick, phlegm.

Krumm: Um... I'm not sure How I feel about my name.

Ickis: How do you feel about sputum?

Krumm: Belch boy.

Ickis: All right, all right, we can always change it.


Ickis: Away!

Krumm: Away!

Both: wow!

Millitary: Let's go, let's go. Look alive, miserable maggots!


Ickis: Away!

Monster: Wow!


Oblina: Oh! That, that was... Super Monster!

Ickis: Oh, you don't say.

Oblina: Oh, but I do! The way he flew through the air So daring!

Ickis: Well, this super Monster Sounds like a real brave fellow.

Gromble: Class, no doubt you've heard about the monster Calling himself super monster, and his sidekick, Belch Boy.

Krumm: Um, that's Belch Wonder now. [Ickis gasps]

Gromble: Whatever. Let me tell you, putting on a silly costume Doesn't make you a great scarer. Courage, daring And the ability to scare can only come from inside you Not from a ridiculous cape and mask.

Krumm: Well, I guess that's that.

Ickis: Ooh! What is the matter With you, Krumm?!

Krumm: The Gromble said...

Ickis: This costume Is the source of my powers! It made me brave.

Krumm: Yeah, but the Gromble said...

Ickis: (Mocking) The Gromble said... Ow! As my name is supermonster I will show that old Gromble How brave I am! Krumm, we are going to pull off the biggest scare of the year!

Krumm: A big scare? Like what?

Ickis: (Whiny): I don't know! It'll hit me, though. Oh, we need something, something Big, big, big, big! With a lot of humans to scare! Hmm...


Krumm: Okay, we scared them, let's go.

Ickis: Ha, that's nothing! We're going for big game, belch wonder. Follow me!

Krumm: Okay, let's find somebody to scare, quick.

Ickis: Au contraire, mon sidekick. We will not scare just anyone. We are going to scare The biggest human we can find. Ah! There he is! There he is! The big one, the kahuna! Let's go!

Krumm: I got a real bad feeling about this.

Ickis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Will you stop it? Relax, calm down! We have got our costumes on What could go wrong? Aha, ay! Oh, my mask! Oh, krumm, give me my mask. Give it to me now!

Krumm: Here, take it.


Auggie: Here comes Auggie!


Ickis: What the...? It's, it's...

Ultra Monster: Yes, it is I, Ultra Monster Hero of monsters everywhere And the greatest, most daring scarer in the universe.

Krumm: You, you... You saved us.

Ultra Monster: Yes, I did, stinky one. I hope you two learned a valuable lesson From your little adventure.

Ickis: You know it. Next time, I'm going to get a mask that fits.

Ultra Monster: (Chuckling) No, my neurotic little friend. The lesson is this: The ability to scare doesn't come from a costume It comes from inside you.

Ickis: Wow! Oh, you're right. (Giggles) Thank you.

Ultra Monster: Don't mention it. And now I must go away. I have important work to do. And so do you-- schoolwork. Good-bye, my little friends.

Both: Good-bye! (Dazzled): Ultra Monster.

Ultra Monster: Away!

Krumm: Well, so much for the superhero game.

Ickis: Yeah, I guess so. Can you believe how wise ultra monster is? "The ability to scare doesn't come from a costume." (Chortles)

Krumm: Yeah. He makes a lot of sense.


Gromble: Boy, the stuff I got to do to get these kids to listen to me.