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Guide to th​e New Character Infobox

This guide is provided to help users with the new Character infobox template. This is a portable infobox, which means two important things: It will display properly on mobile devices, and cannot be edited with the classic editor (unless using source editing). Some of the entries may be unclear, which is why I've provided this guide to clarify them.

Note: The template is designed to offer the maximum amount of needed data, most characters do not require all fields.

  • Species: Generally Monster or Human. please use links.
  • Gender: Female, Male, or Unknown
  • Occupation: Character's "job" students' occupation should be listed as "Student."
  • Aliases: Any known names the character goes by other than the one listed page title. Example: Harryette is often called "Hairy."
  • Age Group: The characters general age. Please restrict entries to Baby (or Bonsty if monster), Juvenile, Young, Mature, and Elderly.
  • Earliest Appearance: The earliest point the character is canonically known to exist, prior to their first appearance. Example: Ickis is known to have been in Egypt in 1927, The Gromble was shown to be around during the American Revolutionary War; however, The Groble's mother, while obviously older than The Gromble, has no canonical appearance predating Mother, May I?.
  • Relatives: Known relatives.
  • Friends: Notable Friends.
  • Enemies: Notable enemies. Example: Simon is an enemy of all monsters, but only a notable enemy of the main cast.
  • First (appearance): Episode of character's first on-screen appearance.
  • First Credited (appearance): First episode in which the character is credited, if different from first appearance.
  • Last (appearance): Final episode featuring character, if different from first.
  • Voice Actor: Actor who provided voice for character, if multiple list all.