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The Five Faces of Ickis

The Five Faces of Ickis is an episode of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters from season 2.

Characters present[]


Ickis is faced with an impossible assignment -- completing five scares in one day! But can he do it alone?


The monsters are practicing Sewer Ball in the sewer and Ickis is next to bat. He whacks a tomato used as a baseball and Oblina calls off the practice, saying that it is time for class. But Ickis cajoles her to let him have one more hit, but to no avail. The Monsters go to class, where The Gromble orders Ickis to the viewfinder to show his latest scare, which shows nothing. Because he has procrastinated and didn't get a single scare today due to him practicing for the big Sewer Ball game, The Gromble demands that he get five scares by tomorrow morning or he is forbidden to attend the big game.

Later, Ickis comes across a monster huckster, who tells him that he can make five of him using his head hairs, ear wax, and toe jam. At first, Ickis is hesitant, but when he is reminded of Gromble's words, Ickis drinks the huckster's mixture and coughs up five eggs, which reveals the five clones of Ickis. They are, the caustic Trickis, the nervous Tickis, the indefatigable Thickis, the glib Chickis, and Gummo, the happiest of the clones who constantly laughs. Ickis says that there is no way to reciprocate him, but the monster tells him that he will pay.

At the Monster Academy the next day, Ickis goes to the viewfinder to show all of his five scares, which shows the clones scaring figure skaters, basketball players, football players, divers, and racecar drivers. The other monsters congratulate Ickis and Gromble allows him to play in the big game.

At The Monsters' dorm, Ickis feeds the five clones, who are hiding underneath the floor under his bed, sludge and follows Oblina and Krumm to attend the Sewer Ball game. Little does he know, the clones emerge from the floor and leave the dorm to get some real sludge. At the Sewer Ball diamond, Oblina is up to bat and whacks the ball out of the diamond. Meanwhile, the clones sneak into the sewage and wreak havoc. Trickis then runs into The Snorch and Zimbo and calls the two "stereo freaks." While Trickis continues to insult Snorch and Zimbo, Ickis hits a home run and wins the game for his team, much to Slickis' pride. Ickis says that he doesn't want to go, but to stay to relive this moment. Slickis tells him that there is a time where he has to move on and think about other things. Later, Tickis constantly asks Krumm if he really likes him. Gromble also notices the chaos that has been cause around the monster building. At The Monsters' dorm, Chickis enters and begins to flirt with Oblina. As Ickis enters the dorm, he encounters Oblina, Krumm, The Gromble, Snorch, and Zimbo, who aren't very pleased with him.

Later, Ickis searches for his clones and runs into the huckster, who tells him that "Now that's not nice. Sure I did the splice, but you rolled the dice, so you pay the price, Home Slice." Ickis is dreading about the five clones running, including the fact that Chickis tried to kiss Oblina, saying he'll never be able to live it down. Then the Huckster's revealed to be The Gromble in disguise, who tells him that he was trying to teach Ickis a lesson. He sends the clones into the eggs (but not before demanding Gummo to hand him back his high heels he took from him). The Gromble forces Ickis to eat them and as punishment, he has to clean off the graffiti on the walls (written by Gummo). The episode ends with The Gromble saying if Ickis keeps up the good work with cleaning off the graffiti, he'll be finished in less than a month! Ickis whines upon hearing this.


  • The fifth clone, Gummo, is named after Gummo Marx, the fifth and least famous of the Marx Brothers. His name is often used as joke reference to the fifth or lesser known member of a group.


  • Gummo writes "THE GRoMBLE EATZ FRESH PRODUCE" on a wall. Later, when Ickis is cleaning the graffiti, it instead reads "THE GRoMBLE EATZ FRESH FRUIT."
  • At one point, Zimbo's head is red like in the other episode, Into the Woods.